Aging in Reverse!

I am blessed to have been friends with Dr. Christiane Northrup for 16 years. She inspires me in so many ways! One of those ways is how she seems to grow younger every single year. She has literally aged in reverse!

How is this possible? The answer is not just one thing. It’s a kaleidoscope of factors. And she is finally making them accessible to all of us in her newest book, Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Well-Being.

This book isn’t about all that can go wrong as you get older or how to prepare for the cultural myth that we fall apart as we age. Goddesses Never Age is about adopting a new, ageless attitude that will help you flourish physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You’ll find out how to nourish your body and look fabulous year after year. You’ll learn to upgrade the relationships you have with others, your body, and the Earth. You’ll also find ideas that will challenge you to let go of the negative misconception about women’s health and aging—myths which many women have internalized and cause aging.

Trust me. You want this book! And the great news is that if you order now, you will receive these bonus gifts from Dr. Northrup:

  • Baby Steps to a New You – Audio Download In this one-hour audio, Dr. Northrup tells you why “less is more” and teaches you to create goals that are attainable and sustainable, so you can realize your most precious dreams.
  • Embodied Wisdom: Decoding the Mystery of Vibrant Feminine Health Online Course  On Demand Download In Dr. Northrup’s 3-part online course, Dr. Northrup will guide you through the seven major energy centers of the body, and the processes and organs they govern.  Next, she’ll show you exactly how to access this vital life force in your day-to-day life to achieve vibrant health in mind, body and spirit.

Pre-Order your copy before February 24th to get both of these special bonuses!

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