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So many people in modernized culture are living life cut off from their true essence, exhausting themselves as they try every kind of exercise and diet regime to feel vibrant, energized, healthy, sexy, and passionate about life. Cut off from their true power, they are running on fumes – feeling cranky, overwhelmed, anxious, tired and stuck.

There is a power that lies dormant inside of you with the capacity to wake you up and fuel your bliss. It is the divine feminine life force called shakti. Why is it dormant? Because it has been misunderstood and maligned for thousands of years. But the time has come to reclaim your power, and Dr. Deb can help you do that.

It’s time to get your Bliss Back!

Are you ready?

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Join Dr. Deb Kern as she shares wisdom not found in books, for a magical week in the healing energies of Costa Rica and the Pacific Ocean.

Your week will include morning yoga classes, afternoon PranaShakti Dance (or other special classes),  initiation into the Divine Feminine Energy, teachings on Sacred Sensuality, Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science), creating sacred space in your home, an evening fire ceremony, and more.

Be in community with like-minded sister goddesses for a week and witness what transformation can occur!

Click HERE for information on accommodations and how to reserve your space in Costa Rica this November!


Testimonials from other Bliss-Sisters

Dr Christiane Northrup

My friend and colleague Dr. Deborah Kern, who I would trust with my LIFE, is giving a rare opportunity for women. I can’t even begin to express how heavenly and empowering Deb’s work is. If you are so moved, sign up NOW while there is still some space.
~Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Shannon Kring Buset



Within a safe, supportive environment, Embody Your Bliss Intensive engages the mind, opens the heart, awakens the body, and touches the soul. Like Dr. Deb herself, it encourages us to recognize and honor the sacred within.
~Shannon Kring Bruset


Ana CaseyBefore coming to the bliss retreat, I felt disconnected from myself.  I was and am happy but still felt like I was passing through the motions of my life denying something within me that I couldn’t trust or believe to be true.  The experience was a true immersion into self, into the nature of being, into possibilities.  There were moments that brought forth all my doubts and insecurities as a woman and a creation of God but those moments were eclipsed by the joy and affirmation that doubts and insecurities are very human.  The weekend taught me how to create a “container” to hold my true nature, my best god-self so in those moments of doubt I can reconnect and trust the divine nature within me that is of God. The power of women joined together in song, prayer, dance and utter acceptance was awe inspiring.
~Ana Casey

Marlene McGovern


It really was a blissful weekend! Through Deb’s beautifully planned and executed experience I learned more about honoring and loving myself amid a very supportive group of women immersed in music, teachings, dance, great food, a restful location and most of all a loving and safe environment.  I loved it all!
~Marlene McGovern aka Love Dove


Marianne MacKenzie

As a woman who desires to thrive in my life as an entrepreneur, wife, mother and friend the Bliss Intesive was exactly what I needed to get things back into balance.  Somehow the subtle and powerful messages of wisdom and joy of living in Bliss seem to leak into my busy day.  Deb teaches a beautifully honoring practice of self-care and connection that I highly recommend.  Connecting to the Divine within is an experience every woman deserves to give herself.  Taking time to slow down and reconnect was the best gift I could have given myself.
~Marianne MacKenzie

Tenesha Wards


This retreat was in divine timing for me.  Before attending the weekend retreat my world was spinning with stress.  And I teach how to manage stress in my practice!! My world was shaken from the breakthrough I had at the Bliss Intensive, but grounding at the same time. I honestly had little to no expectations, I just knew I loved to dance with Deb!!!   My husband tells me I am less stressed and more energetic. I went back Monday to my practice with laser focus. I feel a deeper trust in the Universe, God, the Divine.
~Dr. Tenesha Wards


Click HERE for information on accommodations and how to reserve your space in Costa Rica this November!

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