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4 Healing Practices from India You Can Do At Home

As you know, the guidance to go halfway around the world in order to heal deeply-held trauma in my body came to me in a dream.

While I was there I received Ayurvedic medicine and therapies which were designed to reduce stress and inflammation, support my immune system, remove toxins and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.  Every single day I thought “I can’t wait to share this experience with my community!!!”

Instead of writing about it, I decided to show and tell you about it.    So I made you a short (17 minutes) video.   Just click here to watch.

Healing Connections

In case you don’t have a pen and paper when you’re watching the video, here’s a list of resources I mention:

Ayurvedic massage oils:
Breast massage oil:
My Free e-book to determine your Ayurvedic Dosha:
The “Clear the Way Program”:

***If you want to be coached by me through the “Clear the Way Program” be sure to sign up no later than May 18th *****

Tired, bloated, cranky, achy? Maybe it’s time for this…

I’ve lost count of the times a client has said, “I feel like my body is betraying me!”

Trust me.  Your body is not betraying you.  Your body is doing its best to provide a vehicle for your spirit.  But if you mistreat it, it cannot function properly.

So how come a person can be exercising and eating “lean, clean and green,” and still not feel good? In most cases, the root cause of chronic dis-ease is inflammation.  And we can trace inflammation to poor digestion and detoxification.

There’s a saying:  You are what you eat.

But that’s only partially true.

You are what you eat, digest, absorb (and can’t detoxify).  (TWEET IT) 

In researching this topic for decades, I’ve developed a program called “Clear the Way” to support people in finally feeling better.

I created a video to tell you about my program but also to teach you:

  • the 3 key factors that impact weight, bloating, energy, and immunity
  • 6 R’s to restore healthy digestion, detoxification and absorption


Clear the Way Video


Just click on this video and enter the password: ClearFeb2016 to view it.



Join Us!

I really want you to benefit from this too.  If you’re ready to Clear the Way to your vibrant life after watching the video, all you need to do is click here to email us and we will contact you to get you started!

Diet advice you won’t hear from your mother

A few years ago I spent 7 weeks living and studying Ayurveda and Yoga in the jungles of Bali. Our meals consisted of kitchari and greens.  Occasionally we also ate fruit.  You would think this kind of diet would get tiring and that I would have been plagued by cravings. But the opposite is true.  Not only was I supremely satisfied after eating, but I looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed each meal.

Deb with kitchari


Recently I decided to cook kitchari and greens and create a mini-Bali experience for a week.  But after one day of eating this way I was bored.  Upon finishing a bowl of kitchari, I found myself craving something sweet.  The recipes were the same.  So why was my experience different?



today's special

That evening I watched “Today’s Special” – a feel-good foodie comedy about a young chef who reconnects with his heritage and passion for life.

At one point in the movie, the young chef is being reintroduced to a real Indian meal in which everyone is eating with fingers instead of forks and knives.  He is visibly bothered by what he considers uncouth manners – at which point his wise teacher says:  Eating with utensils is like making love through an interpreter.

BOOM!  That’s it!!  That’s the missing piece to my kitchari-eating experience.

Suddenly I flashed back to the dinner table in Bali.  We always ate with our fingers! In fact, our teacher told us that the fingers communicate what kind of food is getting ready to enter the mouth – which is a preparatory step in healthy digestion.  I used to experiment by closing my eyes and watching my body’s reaction to the food I would touch.  When I touched the ginger turmeric condiment that was in my kitchari, for example, my mouth would instantly begin to water!

If you’ve read any of the research on mindfulness or pleasure this all makes sense. So there you have it.   The missing link that improves digestion and decreases cravings: ignore what your mother told you and play with your food. (TWEET IT) 

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you ever eat with your fingers?  What sensations does it bring up for you?  Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

PS:  My schedule is now open for 2016 Private Guidance Sessions.  Click here to book yours.

Try my morning brew

As you know, I started my 5 week Clear the Way program this week with a hundred women and men who are ready to clear out anything that is blocking them from a vibrant life.

This week is Prep Week. On our opening call I invited my friend and colleague Dr. Christiane Northrup to share her ideas about how to get the most from the Clear the Way protocol. She began by saying she was happy to see I had dedicated an entire week for preparing to make these life-enhancing changes.

As an OBGYN, Dr. Northrup recognized our process as a birth. We are birthing ourselves from our old ways of living (which have left us tired, stressed and overweight) into our new ways which will leave us energized, healthy and enthused about life. She pointed out the fact that during the birth process, the umbilical cord supports the new life even after the baby enters this world. It keeps pulsing for awhile and then naturally stops pulsing. Ideally, the cord isn’t cut until that pulsing has stopped. This makes the transition gentler on the baby’s body.

Likewise, Dr. Northrup pointed out, we want to allow our old lifestyle to stop pulsing as we bring in the new so that the transition can be gentler.

What a revelation!

I can remember so many times in the past when I would begin some kind of ‘diet’ by eating all the ‘forbidden’ foods the night before the diet started and then go cold turkey into whatever new plan I was committing myself to.

So this week has been dedicated to clearing out the pantry and fridge, shopping for energizing foods, clearing out schedules, adding in restorative yoga and beginning to wean ourselves from caffeine.

Most of the people in the group are not going off caffeine all at once. Instead, they are adding a clearing, alkalinizing morning drink and cutting down on acid-forming, adrenal-kicking caffeine.

Here’s the way I make clearing, alkalinizing brew:

  • Juice of ½ an organic lemon (in the photo you can see my favorite lemon squeezer)
  • Pinch of Cayenne
  • Optional: I use Valencia Orange Stevia to add a bit of sweet to the hot and sour
  • Hot water (not boiling, however, because boiling water can denature the enzymes in the lemon juice)


If you still want to join us, it’s not too late. You can start your prep week as soon as you enroll (the materials are all online) and then join the rest of us as we clear the way to a vibrant life.

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Last Day To Join Me In This Radical Act

Set aside the measuring tape. Your body knows her size.

Step off the scale. Your body knows her weight.

Stop judging and comparing against impossible images. Your body is unique.

Put down the flail of self-criticism. Your body thrives on love.


In my new program Clear the Way, self-love is removing toxic foods and offering your body satisfying nourishment and supplements to support healing.

Self-love is putting your needs at the top of the priority list and creating a daily schedule that gives your body what she needs, when she needs it – including rest, food, drink, movement and pleasure.

Self-love is receiving support from wise teachers and surrounding yourself with a community who is committed to the same journey as you.

I’ve created a program, a protocol and a community to support you in this radical act. Are you ready to join me?

Tomorrow is the last day to enroll. Come clear the way to a vibrant life with me.

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