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The most fun you’ll ever have cleaning out your closet.

Clothing Swap Food

Last weekend I had the most fun cleaning out my closet! It all started with an idea from my friend Marianne MacKenzie who wanted to create a “Clothes Swap” with a twist. The twist? Well, Marianne’s specialties are soul coaching and Feng Shui, so she wanted to teach women the deeper aspects of clearing their closets. She also wanted to bring in her pal and style expert Michelle Rodriguez to teach women how to adorn and appreciate their beautiful bodies at any size or shape. What a great idea! Of course, I wanted to add pleasurable movement and delicious food to the day so I created a play-list and invited my friend “The Spicy Heretic” (aka Tina Moody) to provide sumptuous gluten-free, low-glycemic fare.

The end result was more fun than words can express. Fifteen women arrived with bags of clothes, jewelry, belts, bags, shoes and scarves that they no longer desired. We laughed, learned, danced, “shopped”, ate and laughed some more. We tried things on that we would never have thought to try on – and loved how we looked! Everyone left with bags of goodies – for free. And we took twenty bags to 2 charities when it was all over.

Talk about a win-win-win situation! So what are you waiting for?

Connect with some experts in decluttering and style and create a fun clothing swap in your own community. Then send me some photos of the fun you had!

Clothing Swap


Clothing Swap