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When you don’t feel ‘enough’

Have you ever felt

That you simply weren’t enough

Although it’s a lie?

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Goddess Dr. Deb KernFor me, it comes in waves. Usually when I’m feeling stressed. And despite all evidence that my friends may offer, I just don’t feel like a good enough _______. Not a good enough mom. Daughter. Entrepreneur. Friend. Teacher. You name it.

Last week was one of those weeks. I tried all sorts of things to bust out of that feeling. I prayed, chanted, journaled, walked, talked to friends and even to my therapist. But the feeling persisted. Then I remembered my number one strategy: DANCE! And as Spirit would have it, just as I had the inclination to dance, someone shared a new song with me called…..are you ready?…..”I’M ENOUGH!”

So I created an entire dance class based on the theme “I’M ENOUGH” ~ and together we shook off all the limiting beliefs that trapped us into feeling like we weren’t and we expanded the cellular knowing that we are. It was so powerful that I wanted to share these two songs with you so you can dance the feeling of ENOUGH into every cell of your body, too.


Dr. Deb

p.s. Serendipitously, just as I was returning to feeling good about myself, a birthday package arrived from my beloved business guardian angel, Adeah. She had sent a photo of me to Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman, an artist I have admired for a long time (and whose art you’ve seen on my blog many times) – and Lisbeth turned my photo into pure magic. It’s the photo I used above. Just wanted to give you the full story

Free Film Screening

Free Film Screening Sacred Science

I love this movie and I’m thrilled they are offering a free online screening for the next 10 days. Don’t miss it!

How do you deal with HUGE emotions?

What a day!!!

My good friend, Kate Northrup, launched her first book “Money:  A Love Story” today.
It hit #1 finance book on Amazon AND Kate was interviewed on The Today Show!!
I was so excited for her that I literally stood in front of the TV for an hour anxiously awaiting her segment.


If you don’t already have her book, GET IT!
Because of this book, my husband and I are having the most meaningful, effective ~
and dare I say enjoyable conversations about our finances.  Really.  It’s that good!

Check out this interview I did with Kate.
In the middle of this interview I have yet another “a-ha” moment about my money ‘love story.’

Needless to say, I’ve been feeling HUGE waves of excitement, joy, love and pridesince this morning.

Then I went on a long walk with a dear friend who recently experienced a shocking loss of a loved one.
We walked around the lake under the setting sun sharing stories of shock, loss, love and grief.
Two soul sisters feeling deeply.

And as I drove home I was aware of the immense swirl of emotions moving through me.

What do you do when you are experiencing huge emotions?

I make a playlist and dance.  Every time.

Why?  Because emotions are energy in motion.  They need to move.
If they don’t move they get stuck.  And even a “good feeling” emotion can cause discomfort when it gets stuck.
ALL emotions need to move.

So that’s what I did this time, too.  I walked straight in and began looking through my iTunes library for music to help me move all these emotions.

This playlist will help me move feelings of joy and grief,  peace and anger, excitement and despair, hopefulness and hopelessness.
All of it.

Next time you are feeling full of emotions, turn on some of these tunes and dance like there’s nobody watching.
And let me know how it feels….

Dance on,

p.s.  if you live in Austin, this is what we’ll be dancing to in class tomorrow….:

States of Grace by Windham Hill
Ecclesia Vol. I by James Twyman
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu by Will Blunderfield
Shiva Shankara by Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band
Yell Fire! by Michael Franti & Spearhead
Energetic Shapeshifter and In This Love Together by Michael Bernard Beckwith
There’s Hope by India Arie
Free by Bonnie Bishop
Made to Love and Yes by Amy Steinberg
Sanctuary by Donna De Lory
Morning Prayer by Karen Drucker

A Wish For All Mothers and Daughters

Every time I try to write a poem or a letter about my mom and how much I love her I get stuck – because anything I manage to put down in words simply doesn’t do her justice or express adequately the depth of my love and appreciation for her!

So when I heard this poem that my dear friend and colleague Dr. Christiane Northrup wrote in honor of Mother’s Day I thought “Now THIS is a poem worthy of my mom!”

Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Poem:

THANK YOU, MOM, for your steadfast love and support!

I am so grateful for the amazing relationship I have with my mom and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience the transformation of our relationship from mother-daughter to friend-friend. Talking to other women, however, I realize not everyone has the same positive, supportive relationship with her mom that I have.

Dr. Northrup speaks so eloquently about the importance of a mother’s love and support:

“A mother’s love is the most powerful and fierce force in the world. This love—or lack thereof—is also the blueprint that creates a daughter’s health and belief system for her lifetime.”

If you would like help navigating the precious connection with your mother, Dr. Northrup is offeringonline course a live online course called Lightening the Mother Load: Healing Strategies for Daughters.

Is it time for you to rediscover, celebrate, or heal the mother-daughter bond in your life? If so, click here to register for her course.

PS- The Embody Your Bliss weekend retreat is SOLD OUT if you had wanted to attend click here to join the wait-list.

It’s time to start sharing my Bali secrets: Secret #1 Pavanmuktasana

Thank goodness school has started back up (my ‘baby’ started HIGH SCHOOL!)   I have reclaimed my daily routine and am energized and ready to share the secrets.

Why am I calling them secrets?  Well, after practicing yoga for 20 years I had never learned some of these things before.  Some of them I had learned about, but never learned how to actually do or incorporate.

Also, I was hoping that it would make you read this blog post if I called them ‘secrets’.

So here goes.

Secret #1 for starting the day with a clear mind and energized body :  Pavanmuktasana I


This is actually a deceptively simple practice that:

  • opens up all the major joints,
  • relaxes the muscles of the body and
  • removes any blockages preventing the free flow of energy in the body and…
  • in JUST 9 MINUTES!!

I love beginning my day by doing this series before I even get out of bed.

I dare you to do it for 28 days and see how it improves your life! Please share any question or fabulous experiences below.

Looking for the other Bali Secrets? Click here to read more…

What would you do if you were brave?

If I were brave I would go to Bali for SEVEN weeks to study Ayurveda and Yoga and to experience living in an eco village in the jungle far away from city noises. I would go on this trip even if it meant missing the holidays with my family and even if it meant missing dance classes with my beloved Daring Diva Dance community.

Yep. You guessed it. I’m going to Bali!!

Before I tell you about the trip I want to pause and offer huge gratitude to my mom and dad for raising me to follow my heart. My mom was the kind of mom who was always there when I came home from school, snacks prepared and ready to listen to details about my day. My dad was the kind of dad who willingly helped out with the crazy school projects and took me shopping for prom dresses. He’s also the one who built the sacred screen in my home. They are both compassionate, bright, open-minded, adventurous, talented, deeply spiritual people who have encouraged me to follow my heart – even though from the very beginning it was clear that I was not conventional. In fact, my whole family lovingly calls me “the witch doctor.”

So with a mom and dad like that, I have been following my heart for a long time. What that meant for me is that from the time I was 21 until I became pregnant with my son about 15 years ago I traveled out of the country for extended periods of time at least once every 2 years to study, teach or do medical mission work.

For the past 14 years I have enjoyed sticking closer to home – speaking, teaching and being a mom. Now that my son is turning 14 and my husband is able to be home I am feeling the call to expand my horizons. So I am traveling to Bali to study with Yoga With Uma and will be staying at Bali Eco Village

My intentions for this trip are:
* to experience deep healing and rest
* to shed false outer layers of personality I have accrued as a part of living in a super busy world
* to learn Ayurvedic and yogic practices to help women move through midlife with grace, energy, vitality, zest and power
* to provide my son the opportunity to step more into his power without me hovering

My understanding is that I will only have occasional internet service. I do hope to be able to send you some photos and stories while I’m there. But in case you don’t hear from me for awhile, please know that I plan to share all the juicy details when I return…especially the part about moving through midlife with grace, energy, vitality, zest and power!

Meanwhile, many blessings to you as you complete 2011 and step into 2012.


p.s. want more inspiration for being brave? Listen to my friend Jana Stanfield here.

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