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Sending you peace: a short meditation I made just for you.

Dear Ones,

I’m on day 3 of leading my annual women’s Bliss Retreat.  Each morning I wake up rested before 5 a.m. and sit on the balcony of my jungle palapa.  The sky is like black velvet sprinkled with brilliant diamonds.  It’s so easy to meditate here.  The sounds of the ocean waves harmonize with my own breath and I drop into a state of deep peacefulness and calm.

This morning I finished my meditation as the sun was rising and had the idea to record a short meditation for you… share the sound of the ocean waves and to support you in finding peace and calm amidst the chaos of “normal” life.



A peaceful meditation for you.

Con abrazos,


Is it time to come out of hiding and be reborn?


I’ve been using this foam roller to rehab a hip injury – and my favorite place to do it is on the back porch listening to birds and feeling the warmth of the sun and freshness of the breeze.

This morning I was greeted by a newly emerged cicada. (You can see the empty shell on the bottom side). This photo doesn’t capture the exquisite, glimmering green of its wings. Its beauty took my breath away. And its symbolic meaning filled me with awe and gratitude.

Like the butterfly, cicadas are symbols of metamorphosis and rebirth. But their process is different from the butterfly. They stay underground for much of their lives and then finally break free and lose their shells. They serve as a direct calling for people to come out from hiding and break free of restrictions they’ve put on themselves….to shed their old skins.

If you live where it’s summertime, you will likely hear the buzzing sounds of cicadas. When you do, ask yourself if it’s time to come out of hiding and be reborn.

I’m sending prayers of courage and strength for all of us who are heeding their call.

This fall I’ve created 3 powerful opportunities for you to shed old skin and rebirth yourself. Please give yourself the gift of clicking on the links and imagining yourself going to one of these magical retreats.  One is a co-ed yoga adventure.  One is a deep dive into the Divine Feminine and Sacred Sexuality.  And the other is an immersion in Bliss.  Seriously…..what are you waiting for?

September 9 – 11
Shakti:  Power, Grace and Reclamation (women only)
Deva Daaru Yoga Farm – 60 miles west of Portland, Oregon
A deep dive into the Divine Feminine (women only) with my friend and extraordinary yoga teacher Britt Steele at her luscious Yoga Farm outside of Portland, Oregon.    

There are 6 spots left. Click here for more details.

October 1-8 or October 8 – 15
Co-Ed Yoga Adventure in Iceland
If you’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights and would also enjoy starting each morning with yoga (no experience necessary), hiking in magical, untamed landscapes, relaxing in natural geothermal mineral hot springs, riding Icelandic horses …..then this trip’s for you!

There are 4 spots left. Click here for more details.

December 10 – 17
Fifth Annual Bliss Immersion  (women only) – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The transformations that happen during Bliss Immersions are legendary.  This year we’ll be on 10 acres of splendid unspoiled jungle on the southern shore of Banderas Bay -12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta International Airport in an intimate resort whose 250 yard wide pristine sand beach can be accessed solely by boat. There are no roads leading to the property.   I chose this property so you can completely let go….relax, unwind, renew, restore and remember who you are.  

We’ll dance, eat fresh, healthy cuisine, swim, nap, learn, do yoga, walk on the beach, dance some more, swim, nap some more… get the idea.

There are 12 spots left. Click here for more details.

Permission to Pause + My Fave Kale Salad Recipe

Happy New Year!!

Have you chosen a theme word, set your intentions, named your core desired feelings, and plotted everything in your 2016 planner?

If so, fabulous!

If not, don’t fret!

Maybe it’s time for you to take a cue from Mother Nature who is hibernating this time of year in the northern hemisphere.

I don’t know how your 2015 was, but mine was a 4G year:  grief, grit, grace and gratitude.

When you’ve had an intense year like that, it just doesn’t feel right to hop up on January 1st and declare a bunch of resolutions.  In fact, maybe, like me, you feel more like Mary Oliver’s poem, Today:

Today I’m flying low and I’m
not saying a word
I’m letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep.

The world goes on as it must,
the bees in the garden rumbling a little,
the fish leaping, the gnats getting eaten.
And so forth.

But I’m taking the day off.
Quiet as a feather.
I hardly move though really I’m traveling
a terrific distance.

Stillness. One of the doors
into the temple.

If you’re feeling more like flying low than rocketing into 2016, I herby give you permission to pause. {Tweet It} 

Once you’ve given yourself permission to rest, reflect, release and re-think things, you may be ready when the Chinese New Year rolls around on February 8th to declare your intentions and fly high with energy, enthusiasm and confidence.  I’ll check back with you then 🙂




As promised!  If you follow me on Instagram or FB I promised I’d send you this recipe for  my favorite Kale Salad.  I took it to a New Year’s Eve potluck and it got rave reviews.   




Deb’s Kale Salad with Orange-Sesame Vinaigrette


  • 1 bunch of Kale
  • ¼ cup orange juice
  • ¼ cup rice wine vinegar (not seasoned)
  • 2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon Tamari or low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • ½ toasted slivered almonds
  • ¼ cup dried cranberries
  • 2 – 3 tablespoons crystallized ginger, minced


Combine orange juice, vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce and honey in large bowl.  Whisk until smooth.
Wash and pat dry the kale.  Strip kale leaves from stems and chop into bite-sized pieces. Pour the dressing over it and massage for 3 minutes.
Add nuts, cranberries and ginger to the kale and toss.  Let stand in fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving, longer if possible.

Whether you are rocketing forward or taking a pause, may you feel the wonder and excitement of a new year filled with possibilities.



Finding Ecstasy in the Laundry

There’s no way around it. As a single mom, this time of year is chaotic! Last week my son turned 18 and competed in 5 days of intense swim meets. When I say intense, I mean leaving the house early in the morning with meals and snacks packed and not coming home until after 9 pm…while managing my business from an iPhone with spotty reception in a humid, loud, chlorine filled natatorium.

One mom next to me was ordering teacher gifts from her phone while grading papers of her own. Another was handling texts from multiple kids while consoling her daughter who hadn’t performed as she had hoped. And we were all cheering for each other’s kids.

By the end of the week I was exhausted and behind in everything. Despite my best intentions, I had not exercised or eaten as well as I had hoped. And I came home to piles of laundry, unanswered mail and an empty fridge.

Sound familiar?

I feel certain I’m not the only one who has weeks like this. So I thought I’d share a simple and surprising way I began to feel more balanced and calm right away.

My mind was racing, but as I pulled clothes out of the dryer and began to iron my son’s pants, I found myself silently saying prayers to the rhythm of the movement of my arm. “May you be confident and kind. May you stand strong for your convictions. May you enjoy this week. May you always know you are loved. May you remember everything for your finals…..”


Suddenly the chaos of the week faded into the background. I enjoyed finding new blessings to iron into each pair of pants and I began to feel peace, joy….even ecstasy!

You don’t have to go to church or a yoga class to pray. Peace can be found in everyday chores. (TWEET IT)

As you move through your normal routine over the next few weeks, see if you can find peace in the chaos….ecstasy in the ordinary. And when you do, please write and tell me about the ways you’ve done it. I would love to add them to my repertoire.

Wishing you joy,

Your Wild Feminine Cannot Be Broken – But It Does Need To Be Nurtured

I have some great wisdom to share with you – two great ways you can nurture your wild feminine this month!


I just returned from a magical week in Costa Rica with 33 women who participated in my Bliss Retreat. Every year this retreat is powerful and transformative, but this year it was beyond the beyond. Many of the women had experienced major loss or trauma in the last year (including me) and were brave enough to bring it out into the Light to be healed. Each one of them shared feelings that they felt perhaps their capacity for bliss had been broken beyond repair by the pain. That they would never again tap into their wild feminine power, joy or ecstasy.

But, miraculously, every one of them did. In a big way. The first days were spent removing energy blocks and releasing huge emotions. Then, by the end of the week, gratitude became the predominant feeling. Joy was contagious. Spontaneous laughter and hugs became the norm. Women radiated the feelings of being alive, passionate and expansive.

If I could wave my magic wand, I would have transported each and every one of you to join us for seven days of bliss. But since I haven’t mastered that ability yet, I thought I’d create a one-day mini-retreat you could do at home each month. This month, the theme of your Bliss Retreat will be GRATITUDE. As my good friend, Rochelle Schieck always says: “Gratitude is a super power!”

Here is a copy of your At-Home Bliss Retreat for you to download, print off and create for yourself:   November Retreat – Gratitude
Your Playlist to go along with your Retreat:  November Bliss Retreat At Home- Gratitude


And as promised, I also have an amazing resource for you to nurture your Wild Feminine:

The Freedom of the Feminine” – a new online course created by my good friends Kate Northrup and Tami Lynn Kent.  I’ve learned a lot from Kate over the years in the arena of money and abundance.  And I’ve had the pleasure of studying in person with Tami Lynn Kent who is a pioneer in holistic pelvic care.  These two powerhouses have come together to share their wisdom in how to tap into your feminine energetic self to create the abundance and wealth you desire.   This course provides a framework of exercises for you to draw upon to increase your financial flow while honoring the feminine, which is in perfect alignment with what I teach.   It’s simple, straightforward and really manageable to incorporate into your life.

The course was just launched and is only $39 if you purchase it by Friday.  Check out the course page to learn more:

I’d really like to hear from YOU.  Let me know if the course resonates, if you are inspired to create your own at-home retreat, and what manifests from these.  Join me in the conversation here.


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