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The Global Sisterhood Movement

It is time for the Divine Feminine to rise, be honored, celebrated and embraced so we can bring greater peace, compassion, magic, intuition, sacred rhythms and connection into this world.

It is our sacred duty to shift competition, comparison, jealousy and judgment into connection, support and trust through personal accountability and self-love.

~ The Global Sisterhood Movement


The feminine is rising – transforming judgment and division into sacred sisterhood so we can birth a new world!   As you know, I’m devoted to this healing and transformation– because as we heal and transform ourselves, we heal and transform the world.

That’s why I immediately said “YES!” when I was asked to participate in the Global Sisterhood video.

I’m so happy to share this powerful sisterhood and these priceless resources with you.  The organizers have made it so easy (and free) for all women to participate – and to form their own sister circles.

Here’s how:

*  You can sign the pledge

*  You can join our global synchronized meditation live in Austin, Texas or through live stream on your computer on March 8th.

*  You can become a Global Sisterhood Facilitator and facilitate your own Sister Circles using all the wonderful materials provided for free at (they will provide you with a detailed facilitator’s guidebook and much more!!)

We are ALL worthy of love.

What’s going on? Insights from my two favorite evolutionary futurists.

Things are unsettled.

Some might say we’re in crisis.

What is going on?

Well, I’m no expert….but I’ve been fortunate to study with two brilliant evolutionary futurists who have helped me understand what’s going on and where we humans are on the evolutionary journey.

Let me introduce you to them:

Dr. Robert Keck
I spent hours mesmerized by Dr. Robert Keck at the National Wellness Conference several years in a row.  Dr. Keck had polio as a child and was catapulted into a lifelong search for healing and meaning.  He became a United Methodist Minister and an Evolutionary Theologian, and when he spoke, he filled the room with his passion for Spirit and Life.  I’ll never forget during one of his lectures when he said,

“Humanity is poised to move from ‘adolescence’ into spiritual maturity. …as long as we don’t commit teenage suicide first.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard
Buckminister Fuller said, “There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard, who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society, is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.”

The recent victory at Standing Rock is confirms Barbara’s perspective. “Crises precede transformation….and problems are evolutionary drivers.”

If Barbara is right, then we are definitely being driven to transform and evolve!

I’ve learned so much from these two powerful teachers that I made a short video for you with a synopsis of their insights into what’s going on.  I hope it not only informs but uplifts and inspires you.


On the journey with you,


Turbulent Times Require Furious Dancing

Shocked, numb, angry, sad
Frightened and disillusioned
This is why we danced.

This morning we came together, my beautiful, diverse, open-hearted community of women and I, to do the thing that made most sense after a tense election night: dance.

Leading this class is a high honor. It’s my calling to help women move emotions through and out of their bodies, to help them unblock constrictions and release limited perceptions of themselves and the world through this class I call PranaShakti.

As I prepared I knew it would be a powerful class. And it was. Most women who arrived were feeling shocked, angry, sad and very frightened.  We moved through ALL of those feelings until we were centered and calm. Until we could feel the palpable presence of the Divine.

Then we could feel hope and love again. And our calm minds were free to imagine a future that would draw us forward rather than one we wanted to escape.

The music I chose carried us on this journey – so I wanted to share it with you. My prayer is that you will play some or all of these songs to help you move whatever emotions you are feeling during these turbulent times and that you, too, will be left with feelings of hope, love and an image of the future that will draw you forward.


Part 2 of Being Enough: The Power of ‘ish’

Part 2 of Being Enough:  The Power of ‘ish’This week I’ve been juggling the beta-testing launch of an online program (that you will hear about soon) and being the mom of a teenager and preparing for my annual Costa Rica retreat.

I couldn’t seem to do any one of those things as well as I would have liked.

There were technical difficulties when I delivered my first webinar.

My teenager seemed sullen and nothing I did could bring him out of his funk.

And all my ideas of looking amazing in a bikini while surfing in Costa Rica shattered when I tried on my bathing suits.

So I did what every wise goddess does when she finds herself stuck in self-dissatisfaction: I sought the counsel of a wise friend.

My wise friend listened to my tales of woe and then said, “Sit back. Relax. I’m going to read you a story.”

And she proceeded to read me the story of ‘ish’ by Peter Reynolds…

Now I feel happy-ish with the webinar I created. Hopeful-ish that my son is simply going through a teenage phase. Mother-ish and teacher-ish. Peaceful-ish.

And I’m excited-ish about surfing. Being surfer-ish.

What a relief to discover ‘ish’!

So, what will you transform using the power of ‘ish’?


From jailer to liberator.

JailerI want to be free

From doubts, fears, limiting thoughts!

I am the jailer.

Yesterday as I was preparing to teach the One Billion Rising song to my class, I was reminded once again that injustice and violence often begins as injustice and violence toward ourselves.  So, while I’m supporting the One Billion Rising world-wide campaign to end injustice and violence toward women –  I’m also supporting the internal campaign that must be waged.

It’s time to end injustice and violence toward ourselves. Tweet This!

What injustice and violence, you ask?

How about all the times you betray yourself by saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no?’

Skip meals when you’re hungry.
Keep pushing when you’re tired.

How about negative self-talk…telling yourself that you’re not smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, good enough?

One way to begin healing the inner battle is to take extreme, loving care of ourselves.  So – as promised – I’ve created a special webinar to teach you how to ‘Customize Your Container’ as a powerful way to begin the process (click here if you missed that blog.)    Learning how to take care of yourself in this way is one way to begin the shift from jailer to liberator.

CLICK HERE to register for my free webinar to learn how to create unique daily practices that will nurture and support you.  (Don’t worry if you can’t attend live.  I’ll send you a recording of the webinar if you register)

To freedom and love!


p.s.  Here’s the playlist I used for my “One Billion Rising” Class.  The music is so empowering  I just had to share it with you.  ENJOY!!


Lokah Samasta by Sharon Gannon

Free by Bonnie Bishop

Free by Illumine

Break the Chain by One Billion Rising

Right Where You Are by Bonnie Bishop

Breath Connect Us All by Professor Trance & The Energisers

Be a Light by Melissa Simonson

Strength, Courage and Wisdom by India Arie

Yes We Can, Can by the Pointer Sisters

CLICK HERE to find a One Billion Rising event in your area


CLICK HERE if you missed the ‘Anatomy of a Resurrection’ blog and would like to join me for this journey.

Resurrections are meant to be shared! If you have any friends who could use this support, please pass this blog along.

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