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Your Wild Feminine Cannot Be Broken – But It Does Need To Be Nurtured

I have some great wisdom to share with you – two great ways you can nurture your wild feminine this month!


I just returned from a magical week in Costa Rica with 33 women who participated in my Bliss Retreat. Every year this retreat is powerful and transformative, but this year it was beyond the beyond. Many of the women had experienced major loss or trauma in the last year (including me) and were brave enough to bring it out into the Light to be healed. Each one of them shared feelings that they felt perhaps their capacity for bliss had been broken beyond repair by the pain. That they would never again tap into their wild feminine power, joy or ecstasy.

But, miraculously, every one of them did. In a big way. The first days were spent removing energy blocks and releasing huge emotions. Then, by the end of the week, gratitude became the predominant feeling. Joy was contagious. Spontaneous laughter and hugs became the norm. Women radiated the feelings of being alive, passionate and expansive.

If I could wave my magic wand, I would have transported each and every one of you to join us for seven days of bliss. But since I haven’t mastered that ability yet, I thought I’d create a one-day mini-retreat you could do at home each month. This month, the theme of your Bliss Retreat will be GRATITUDE. As my good friend, Rochelle Schieck always says: “Gratitude is a super power!”

Here is a copy of your At-Home Bliss Retreat for you to download, print off and create for yourself:   November Retreat – Gratitude
Your Playlist to go along with your Retreat:  November Bliss Retreat At Home- Gratitude


And as promised, I also have an amazing resource for you to nurture your Wild Feminine:

The Freedom of the Feminine” – a new online course created by my good friends Kate Northrup and Tami Lynn Kent.  I’ve learned a lot from Kate over the years in the arena of money and abundance.  And I’ve had the pleasure of studying in person with Tami Lynn Kent who is a pioneer in holistic pelvic care.  These two powerhouses have come together to share their wisdom in how to tap into your feminine energetic self to create the abundance and wealth you desire.   This course provides a framework of exercises for you to draw upon to increase your financial flow while honoring the feminine, which is in perfect alignment with what I teach.   It’s simple, straightforward and really manageable to incorporate into your life.

The course was just launched and is only $39 if you purchase it by Friday.  Check out the course page to learn more:

I’d really like to hear from YOU.  Let me know if the course resonates, if you are inspired to create your own at-home retreat, and what manifests from these.  Join me in the conversation here.


Re-entry Is As Important As Retreat

Both are important facets
Of your healing path

photo re-entry

When I lead a retreat, it’s not simply a vacation. It’s a powerful healing experience. Last week I co-facilitated a super-powered healing retreat at Mt. Shasta. It was a dream come true to be on that sacred land and in those holy waters. We danced, hiked, meditated, chanted, prayed, learned energy healing techniques, ate prana-filled food, drank pure spring water, purified our bodies in wood-burning saunas followed by icy cold plunges, laughed, cried, played, unwound and rested.

Here’s a mini experience of the retreat for you:

As powerful as a retreat is, re-entry is just as important. click to tweet

Everyone who attends a retreat leaves and returns to a full life. It’s kind of like stepping off a treadmill that’s going 10 mph and then returning. My advice? Slow that treadmill way down before jumping back on.

But it’s not always easy.

Luckily, I’ve been leading retreats and re-entering life as a working mom for years and I’ve discovered a few re-entry strategies that might be helpful to you.

Before you get home:

  1. Write down what the retreat has helped you release and what you desire to call in. (You’ll use this information later)
  2. If you are coming home to loved ones (friends, spouse, children, parents…) write 1–3 bullet points to express how the retreat benefited you, how it will benefit them and how it will benefit your relationship. What I’ve discovered is that loved ones really want to hear about your retreat, but they often don’t have the bandwidth to hear a complete download all at once. So it’s nice to be able to distill a few things for your first re-entry conversations.
  3. Create a grocery list! This one is so important because while on retreat you have been fed delicious, nutritious, TIMELY meals. And since you’ve been gone, your fridge and cupboards are probably empty. So in order to continue feeling great, you’ll need to make an immediate trip to the grocery store – and since your brain has been so relaxed, you cannot depend on wandering the aisles and coming home with everything you need. Trust me. I’ve tried.

When you get home:

  1. Create your new daily routine based on the things you committed to during your retreat. If you committed to morning meditation and a morning workout – start before checking emails and doing laundry. This is such a key moment that will determine how you will integrate and continue to expand the healing you received from the retreat.
  2. Give yourself at least 2 days before fully jumping into your life if at all possible. If this isn’t possible (like my current situation where I literally jumped back into life as a traveling swim mom) then stay focused on one or two things you decided to call in (from #1 above.)
    For example, I committed to add a specific meditation to my daily practice and to take the same good care of myself as I do of my son (this is huge.) So here I am, in an AirBnB house shuttling 2 swimmers back and forth to warm-ups and events, feeding them meals and snacks and coordinating with coaches…and I’m starting each day with that meditation and making sure I have my morning smoothie and timely, prana-filled meals.
  3. Stay in touch with at least one person who was on the retreat with you. This is a great way to share creative solutions for re-entry conundrums.
  4. Remember…. healing happens when you slow down and connect with nature. You can bring yourself back into the feeling of the retreat by taking a few moments to walk barefoot in grass. It can be that easy.

Wishing you moments of healing throughout your day,


PS- My next women’s retreat is in Costa Rica. Do you want to join us? There are 8 spots remaining, maybe one is for you! Learn more, HERE.

Dancing frees your soul…unless it doesn't

Dancing frees my soul.  It’s my number one way to…
free my soul.

But it wasn’t always like that.

After being told by a ballet teacher in first grade that I was “much too large to dance” I never even tried to dance.  So when I tried my first Nia class in 1990 I was way too self-conscious to simply let go and dance freely.   In fact, the idea of ‘free dance’ made me freeze in my tracks!  Even after I took the teacher training to become a Nia instructor, it took several years for me to feel free enough to express my authentic self through dance.

That’s why I love sharing dance as a healing tool –especially with people who think they cannot dance.

Last week during a magical retreat in Tulum, Mexico a wonderful man in my class said he really didn’t think he should come because he didn’t have any rhythm.  I told him that simply couldn’t be true.  Everyone has rhythm.  Your heart has rhythm.  So does your breath and the movement of cerebrospinal fluid.  All have their own perfect rhythms.

Maybe you don’t have the ability to imitate someone else’s rhythm.  But you definitely have rhythm.twitter-icon

So he stayed.

And he danced.  And prayed.  And celebrated.  And expressed.  And freed his soul.

Afterward he told me that he had seen a movie 25 years ago about rock singer Jim Morrison called “The Doors.”  In the movie there was a scene where Jim and his friends participated in a shamanic peyote ceremony and began dancing with wild abandon.  He said he had always wanted to dance like that  – and now he finally had.  Except we didn’t need any drugs to dance so freely.  What a gift!


I want that gift for you.

Since most of you don’t live near me in Austin, Texas, here is the playlist I used in class last week.

Dancing frees your soul...unless it doesn't Playlist

And here are three websites where you can find powerful movement modalities that I love.  Hopefully you can find a class near you: – Created by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas, Nia is the art of movement the body’s way. Nia is a cardio-dance workout, a movement practice, and lifestyle based on the intelligent design of the body. Nia was the movement technique that freed my body and taught me how to dance authentically – Created by Rochelle Schieck, Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Click here for some movement rituals you can do at home. Created by Toni Bergins, JourneyDance™ is a dynamic conscious dance form that combines freestyle and structured movement to inspire you to get out of your mind and into your body.

Dancing with you in spirit,


Let these remarkable women inspire you

Certain women dance
Merrily into your life
And you pray ‘THANK YOU!’

Last weekend I had the huge pleasure of interviewing women whom I love and respect as friends, mentors and family. Whoever said you can’t mix business with pleasure, certainly never met us!

And whoever warned against doing business with family never met THIS family!

Three generations of Northrup women have been a powerful influence in every area of my life – including, but not limited to our USANA business.  I treasure them like crazy, and my heart is so full after spending time with them last weekend that I want to share the love with you.

The Matriarch

Any time I have a chance to listen to Edna Northrup’s life stories, I grab it.  Her motto in life is “NO LIMITS” – and she embodies that motto!  Just watch this 3 minute video and you’ll be blessed with her amazing energy and zest for life. It’s the next best thing to being with her in person.

The Doctor

Women’s health pioneer and best-selling author, Dr. Christiane Northrup needs no introduction. She continues to challenge the status quo and expand the possibilities for women to be fully empowered. She sees her job as a doctor to help women learn everything that can go RIGHT with their bodies….not someone who looks for what’s wrong.

This is one of my favorite interviews with Dr. Northrup. It will change your perception of aging and open up a whole new level of possibility for what it means to be ageless!

Dr. Christiane Northrup Tapping Solution Video

The Athlete

Penny Northrup Kirk

Photo Credit to Vanity Fire

You may not be familiar with Dr. Northrup’s sister, Penny. Penny was a member of the United States Ski Team from 1968-1972 competing on the world cup tour. She’s the mother of 3 grown guys and a very successful USANA business owner. My nickname for Penny is “Switzerland.” She has the ability to rise above any conflict, take the 30,000 foot view and then offer the most grounded, practical, spiritual solution. I don’t have a video of Penny, so I’ll share one of the best pieces of advice she gave me: I was stressing about a conversation I’d had with a potential business associate…beating myself up because I felt I hadn’t been well prepared for the conversation, and Penny said:

“You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person, or the wrong thing to the right person.”

Phew! Instant relief! I’ve clung to those words on many occasions and they have served me well. I hope they serve you, too.

The Next Generation

Kate Northrup-Watts

Photo Credit to Vanity Fire

Kate Northrup is, and always has been, a creative entrepreneur. She started her business with USANA Health Sciences at the age of 18 and has been taking the world by storm ever since! The biggest thing I’ve learned from Kate is to BE YOURSELF. When she started her online journal in 2010, it was just that: an online journal. She wasn’t intentionally trying to create a persona in order to monetize her journal, she simply felt compelled to share her life. And that authentic, bold action turned into a blog that is the basis of a high 6 figure business.

Join Our Family Business

Now you can see why my heart was overflowing after spending a weekend with these Northrup women. If you would like to know more about mixing business with pleasure and doing business with us, simply send me a message and we’ll set up a time to talk.



From jailer to liberator.

JailerI want to be free

From doubts, fears, limiting thoughts!

I am the jailer.

Yesterday as I was preparing to teach the One Billion Rising song to my class, I was reminded once again that injustice and violence often begins as injustice and violence toward ourselves.  So, while I’m supporting the One Billion Rising world-wide campaign to end injustice and violence toward women –  I’m also supporting the internal campaign that must be waged.

It’s time to end injustice and violence toward ourselves. Tweet This!

What injustice and violence, you ask?

How about all the times you betray yourself by saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no?’

Skip meals when you’re hungry.
Keep pushing when you’re tired.

How about negative self-talk…telling yourself that you’re not smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, good enough?

One way to begin healing the inner battle is to take extreme, loving care of ourselves.  So – as promised – I’ve created a special webinar to teach you how to ‘Customize Your Container’ as a powerful way to begin the process (click here if you missed that blog.)    Learning how to take care of yourself in this way is one way to begin the shift from jailer to liberator.

CLICK HERE to register for my free webinar to learn how to create unique daily practices that will nurture and support you.  (Don’t worry if you can’t attend live.  I’ll send you a recording of the webinar if you register)

To freedom and love!


p.s.  Here’s the playlist I used for my “One Billion Rising” Class.  The music is so empowering  I just had to share it with you.  ENJOY!!


Lokah Samasta by Sharon Gannon

Free by Bonnie Bishop

Free by Illumine

Break the Chain by One Billion Rising

Right Where You Are by Bonnie Bishop

Breath Connect Us All by Professor Trance & The Energisers

Be a Light by Melissa Simonson

Strength, Courage and Wisdom by India Arie

Yes We Can, Can by the Pointer Sisters

CLICK HERE to find a One Billion Rising event in your area


CLICK HERE if you missed the ‘Anatomy of a Resurrection’ blog and would like to join me for this journey.

Resurrections are meant to be shared! If you have any friends who could use this support, please pass this blog along.

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