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It’s time to get my mojo back. How about you?

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Just like nature, our lives go in cycles.    Since last June, I’ve been in a cycle where I took a sabbatical from all but the most essential aspects of my business in order to focus on my son’s last summer at home, his participation in Olympic Swim Trials and his move to college.  Once he was settled in college, I spent the next few months reorienting myself to my SELF as  a single woman.

Now it’s time for me to get my mojo back – and it feels super exciting!

I realize I’m not the only woman who is feeling this way.  All around me I am aware of women who are waking up and ready to step more fully into their power

I made a short video for you with the energy practice we did in my PranaShakti class today so you can join us in calling your energy back.


And here’s the playlist we used to dance into our mojo.  I hope you enjoy dancing to it as you begin 2017.



Here’s to your mojo,

Turbulent Times Require Furious Dancing

Shocked, numb, angry, sad
Frightened and disillusioned
This is why we danced.

This morning we came together, my beautiful, diverse, open-hearted community of women and I, to do the thing that made most sense after a tense election night: dance.

Leading this class is a high honor. It’s my calling to help women move emotions through and out of their bodies, to help them unblock constrictions and release limited perceptions of themselves and the world through this class I call PranaShakti.

As I prepared I knew it would be a powerful class. And it was. Most women who arrived were feeling shocked, angry, sad and very frightened.  We moved through ALL of those feelings until we were centered and calm. Until we could feel the palpable presence of the Divine.

Then we could feel hope and love again. And our calm minds were free to imagine a future that would draw us forward rather than one we wanted to escape.

The music I chose carried us on this journey – so I wanted to share it with you. My prayer is that you will play some or all of these songs to help you move whatever emotions you are feeling during these turbulent times and that you, too, will be left with feelings of hope, love and an image of the future that will draw you forward.


Your Wild Feminine Cannot Be Broken – But It Does Need To Be Nurtured

I have some great wisdom to share with you – two great ways you can nurture your wild feminine this month!


I just returned from a magical week in Costa Rica with 33 women who participated in my Bliss Retreat. Every year this retreat is powerful and transformative, but this year it was beyond the beyond. Many of the women had experienced major loss or trauma in the last year (including me) and were brave enough to bring it out into the Light to be healed. Each one of them shared feelings that they felt perhaps their capacity for bliss had been broken beyond repair by the pain. That they would never again tap into their wild feminine power, joy or ecstasy.

But, miraculously, every one of them did. In a big way. The first days were spent removing energy blocks and releasing huge emotions. Then, by the end of the week, gratitude became the predominant feeling. Joy was contagious. Spontaneous laughter and hugs became the norm. Women radiated the feelings of being alive, passionate and expansive.

If I could wave my magic wand, I would have transported each and every one of you to join us for seven days of bliss. But since I haven’t mastered that ability yet, I thought I’d create a one-day mini-retreat you could do at home each month. This month, the theme of your Bliss Retreat will be GRATITUDE. As my good friend, Rochelle Schieck always says: “Gratitude is a super power!”

Here is a copy of your At-Home Bliss Retreat for you to download, print off and create for yourself:   November Retreat – Gratitude
Your Playlist to go along with your Retreat:  November Bliss Retreat At Home- Gratitude


And as promised, I also have an amazing resource for you to nurture your Wild Feminine:

The Freedom of the Feminine” – a new online course created by my good friends Kate Northrup and Tami Lynn Kent.  I’ve learned a lot from Kate over the years in the arena of money and abundance.  And I’ve had the pleasure of studying in person with Tami Lynn Kent who is a pioneer in holistic pelvic care.  These two powerhouses have come together to share their wisdom in how to tap into your feminine energetic self to create the abundance and wealth you desire.   This course provides a framework of exercises for you to draw upon to increase your financial flow while honoring the feminine, which is in perfect alignment with what I teach.   It’s simple, straightforward and really manageable to incorporate into your life.

The course was just launched and is only $39 if you purchase it by Friday.  Check out the course page to learn more:

I’d really like to hear from YOU.  Let me know if the course resonates, if you are inspired to create your own at-home retreat, and what manifests from these.  Join me in the conversation here.


Bring It On!

Earth moves around sun
Moon pulling tides in and out
Changes? Bring it on!
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Bring it on July14
Art by SheWhoIs

I am not an astrologer. I don’t believe the movement of the planets determines my life. But I do believe that the movement of the planets affects the energy in and around me. Just like the movement of the sun can make it too hot to work outside and the movement of the moon affects the tides. So when I’m planning for my PranaShakti dance class, I take into account what’s going on in the heavens.

One of my go-to astrologers for this information is Anne Ortelee. She publishes a weekly ‘weather forecast’ that helps me understand what kind of planetary influences may be affecting us. Then I weave that information into the theme of the class.

Here are just a couple of snippets from her most recent report:

Venus has three unions with Jupiter (July 1, August 4, and October 25) and three squares with Saturn (July 14, August 5, October 10).  As Venus dances back and forth with Jupiter and Saturn, she’s figuring out what the future holds for her (and you). She’s in Leo the first two times ~ encouraging the heart to choose the path it needs to take.  You are starting a new 12 year abundance cycle with Jupiter and a new 8 year heart cycle with Venus.  Think back to the Augusts of 2007, 1999, 1991, 1983, 1975, and 1967 to see your heart path of Venus unfolding in your life!

Mars is in Cancer until August 8.  Every 2 ½ days, we are going to change our work and emotional focus as Mars shifts our activities according to the Moon’s changes.  MARS OUT OF BOUNDS DOES NOT FOLLOW THE RULES!!  Family matters move front and center and are absolutely CRAZY!  Your Cancer house is CRAZY.  Mars whipping through the Cancer house of your chart, with no constraints from the ego, kicks butt and takes no prisoners.  It also gets TONS of stuff done! 

When I read that, my immediate response was “BRING IT ON!”

So I created a class with that theme.

If you’d like to dance with us from wherever you are, here’s the playlist I put together.playlist

Bring it on!


Dancing frees your soul…unless it doesn't

Dancing frees my soul.  It’s my number one way to…
free my soul.

But it wasn’t always like that.

After being told by a ballet teacher in first grade that I was “much too large to dance” I never even tried to dance.  So when I tried my first Nia class in 1990 I was way too self-conscious to simply let go and dance freely.   In fact, the idea of ‘free dance’ made me freeze in my tracks!  Even after I took the teacher training to become a Nia instructor, it took several years for me to feel free enough to express my authentic self through dance.

That’s why I love sharing dance as a healing tool –especially with people who think they cannot dance.

Last week during a magical retreat in Tulum, Mexico a wonderful man in my class said he really didn’t think he should come because he didn’t have any rhythm.  I told him that simply couldn’t be true.  Everyone has rhythm.  Your heart has rhythm.  So does your breath and the movement of cerebrospinal fluid.  All have their own perfect rhythms.

Maybe you don’t have the ability to imitate someone else’s rhythm.  But you definitely have rhythm.twitter-icon

So he stayed.

And he danced.  And prayed.  And celebrated.  And expressed.  And freed his soul.

Afterward he told me that he had seen a movie 25 years ago about rock singer Jim Morrison called “The Doors.”  In the movie there was a scene where Jim and his friends participated in a shamanic peyote ceremony and began dancing with wild abandon.  He said he had always wanted to dance like that  – and now he finally had.  Except we didn’t need any drugs to dance so freely.  What a gift!


I want that gift for you.

Since most of you don’t live near me in Austin, Texas, here is the playlist I used in class last week.

Dancing frees your soul...unless it doesn't Playlist

And here are three websites where you can find powerful movement modalities that I love.  Hopefully you can find a class near you: – Created by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas, Nia is the art of movement the body’s way. Nia is a cardio-dance workout, a movement practice, and lifestyle based on the intelligent design of the body. Nia was the movement technique that freed my body and taught me how to dance authentically – Created by Rochelle Schieck, Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Click here for some movement rituals you can do at home. Created by Toni Bergins, JourneyDance™ is a dynamic conscious dance form that combines freestyle and structured movement to inspire you to get out of your mind and into your body.

Dancing with you in spirit,


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