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Finding Ecstasy in the Laundry

There’s no way around it. As a single mom, this time of year is chaotic! Last week my son turned 18 and competed in 5 days of intense swim meets. When I say intense, I mean leaving the house early in the morning with meals and snacks packed and not coming home until after 9 pm…while managing my business from an iPhone with spotty reception in a humid, loud, chlorine filled natatorium.

One mom next to me was ordering teacher gifts from her phone while grading papers of her own. Another was handling texts from multiple kids while consoling her daughter who hadn’t performed as she had hoped. And we were all cheering for each other’s kids.

By the end of the week I was exhausted and behind in everything. Despite my best intentions, I had not exercised or eaten as well as I had hoped. And I came home to piles of laundry, unanswered mail and an empty fridge.

Sound familiar?

I feel certain I’m not the only one who has weeks like this. So I thought I’d share a simple and surprising way I began to feel more balanced and calm right away.

My mind was racing, but as I pulled clothes out of the dryer and began to iron my son’s pants, I found myself silently saying prayers to the rhythm of the movement of my arm. “May you be confident and kind. May you stand strong for your convictions. May you enjoy this week. May you always know you are loved. May you remember everything for your finals…..”


Suddenly the chaos of the week faded into the background. I enjoyed finding new blessings to iron into each pair of pants and I began to feel peace, joy….even ecstasy!

You don’t have to go to church or a yoga class to pray. Peace can be found in everyday chores. (TWEET IT)

As you move through your normal routine over the next few weeks, see if you can find peace in the chaos….ecstasy in the ordinary. And when you do, please write and tell me about the ways you’ve done it. I would love to add them to my repertoire.

Wishing you joy,

How does she do it?


With resplendent wings

Phoenix rises from ashes

How does she do it?

If you’re lucky enough, there will be a moment in your life when things fall apart.

No matter how carefully you plan or meticulously you control,

Your life just falls apart at the seams.

When I was 30 I was one of those women who ‘had it all together.’

Perfect house, perfect neighborhood,  perfect job, perfect body, perfect marriage, perfect pregnancy

Even the perfect church and volunteer activities

Then, in a 3 month period I lost (in this order)

                              The marriage

                              The pregnancy

                              The job

                              The house

                              The neighborhood

The dream of what my life was going to be like.

It didn’t feel lucky at the time.  And it took me four years to emerge from the ashes.  But looking back, I realize what a huge blessing it was….how the death of that version of myself allowed me to grow into my fullness.

If you had asked me then how I did it, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you.  I knew it had something to do with discipline, faith, dedication, love and grace.  But I wouldn’t have been able to give you specific steps.

Now, having gone through the fire a few more times,  and studied from powerful teachers around the world, I can outline those steps for rising from the ashes.

I know ‘how she does it.’

As a scientist I have dissected the process of rising from ashes.

I can teach you the anatomy of a resurrection.

Reading these steps can be misleading.  They are not as easy as they look.  And they are not linear.  It is not a straight and narrow staircase that continually ascends.  It is a wide, spiral staircase that constantly moves up and down.

But it sure helps to have a guide!

The first step?

Plug your energy leaks

After going through a stressful period, we often are leaking energy all over the place.  So the first thing to do is take inventory.  Notice all the ways you lose energy.  It might be certain foods or drink that zap your energy.  It might be mindless internet surfing or TV watching.  It might be people or jobs.  The important thing for you to do is start NOW.  Identify and plug leaks.  This is the first step to emergence.

CLICK HERE for and example from Mother Nature of the importance of plugging energy leaks  – or, in this case ‘pruning the suckers.’

If you have any friends who could use support as they emerge from the ashes, please pass this blog along.

Resurrections are meant to be shared! – Tweet This

Stay tuned for the next steps …..




Be careful what you pray for…

         We all have our ways

         of numbing life

         when it gets too stressful.

                         Some of us watch entire seasons of other people’s lives.

                         While others surf the web

                         use alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or food

                         or, work, work, work, work.

Sugar has been my drug of choice to numb stress for as long as I can remember.  When I’m conscious and aware, I can see that I’m feeling stressed and what I really need is rest, yoga, meditation, dance, a walk, down time with my family or a chat with a friend.  But when I’m not so conscious and aware, I habitually begin numbing with simple sugars like gluten-free crackers, popcorn, dark chocolate, dried fruit, etc.

So last week when I realized I had slipped into those old habits I decided it was time for a sugar cleanse.

On the first day of the cleanse I woke up with this Haiku on my lips:

First step to freedom:

Stop numbing my emotions

With sugar and nice

Be careful what you pray for.

Within hours of writing that poem/prayer my back exploded with pain and muscle spasms.  It was as if all the emotions I had been suppressing surfaced in the form of what my beloved chiropractor called “a cataclysmic meltdown” of my back.

Why, you ask?

Well….one of my core values is HARMONY.

I really, really, really want everyone to be happy and harmonious.  Always.

To that end, I often do whatever it takes to maintain the peace.  Basically, be “nice.”

So if I stopped “being nice” AND I took away my numbing drug of choice, what would happen?

My back exploded at just the thought of it!


So here I am.

Heeding the messages that, once un-numbed, are loud and clear:




Release what no longer serves

Let Divine Love guide the way.


My back no longer has to scream

Sugar is gone, gone, gone

And a new chapter begins.

How about you?  

Have you been numbing yourself?  

Are you ready to pray the prayer to fully feel?  

I promise it’s worth it.


Bali Secret #3: Liquid Gold

Are you ready for “secret” #3? Here it is: Ghee. Liquid Gold.

While I was in Bali I followed a cleansing Ayurvedic diet – with Ghee at every meal. We even learned how to make medicinal Ghee infused with herbs to be used not only in the diet, but also as a topical treatment.

Ghee is basically clarified butter – and it is so revered in Ayurveda that it is like liquid gold. According to Ayurveda, ingesting ghee is like offering the finest of fuels into the fires of digestion. It makes the tissues soft, builds up the internal ‘juices’ of the body (which are destroyed by aging thus making us dry and brittle), enhances immunity, increases the intellect and improves memory. Maya Tiwari, a wise Ayurvedic teacher, calls Ghee ‘the single most ojas producing food on earth.” (ojas is like the fluid of life – it gives us vigor)

The ingestion of Ghee is used in Ayurvedic cleansing practices specifically to first penetrate into and then dissolve toxins in the tissues, allowing the wastes to be then carried to the intestinal tract and then expelled.

It is traditionally considered that the older Ghee, the better its healing qualities. 100-year-old Ghee is highly valued in India and fetches a very high price. Such Ghee was often kept in Temples in large vats and families often pass on aged Ghee to their next generation to be used as medicine.

So how do you make this longevity-producing treasure? Get a pound of organic, unsalted butter and watch my video below… I’ll show you. (You’ll want to do this soon because you’ll be using your Ghee for Bali Secret #4!)

Watch the video:

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Call to Prayer for the Healing of Our Waters

Dr. Emoto

You may remember when I shared with you in June the healing work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto is the scientist from Japan who has done all the research and publications about the characteristics of water. Among other things, his research revealed that water physically responds to emotions. Many of us have predominantly fearful and angry emotions when we consider what is happening with the radioactive materials seeping into the water from the nuclear reactors in Japan. And while perhaps justified in those emotions, we may be of greater assistance to our planet and its life forms if we sincerely, powerfully and humbly pray the prayer that Dr. Emoto, himself, has proposed. His beautiful prayer incorporates the wisdom of the Huna process called Ho’ponopono. Please share this with all your friends and family!

The prayer procedure is as follows.

Name of ceremony:
“Let’s send our thoughts of love and gratitude to all water in the nuclear plants in Fukushima”
Day and Time: March 31 st , 2011 (Thursday) 12:00 noon in each time zone
Please say the following phrase:
“The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”
Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position.
Please offer your sincere prayer.

Thank you very much from my heart.
With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Messenger of Water

Please share this with all your friends and family!

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