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Fall Equinox AND a Full Moon!

Harvest Moon

The Fall Equinox is the time for us to reflect on what we ‘planted’ in the spring and see how those creations are progressing. So think back to March. What intentions did you set then? How are they doing? In most cases, if something you intended to create last spring hasn’t taken root, it probably is time to let it go. Then, once you’ve cleared out all the ‘dead’ energy, you will blast open huge amounts of creative potential.

The Full Moon this month is telling us to open hearts and feelings to wild transformation!

What a powerful time.

According to Barbara Hand Clow, this will be an emotional fall, a time of deep soul-searching for individuals and communities. It will be a time when new paths will open if you surrender and go with the flow. But if you get stuck….if you feel jammed in a corner – the best thing to do is MOVE.

So I created a Fall Equinox/Full Moon class so my local “Daring Divas” could dance all the emotions that go with reflecting on our intentions, clearing out stuck energy, opening our hearts, blasting our creativity and going with the flow. What a dance it was! I wish you could have been there……but the second best thing is for you to get some of the tunes I put on our playlist and dance like there’s nobody watching.

The full list of songs:

Title: Album: Artist:
Adiemus Adiemus V:  Live Adiemus
In Caelum Fero Adiemus V:  Live Adiemus
Ceridwen’s Curse Adiemus V:  Live Adiemus
Dawn Dance All One Tribe Scott Fitzgerald
Miserere State of Grace Paul Schwartz
Rock On Hanuman Elephant Power MC Yogi
Walk In Balance Fire Prayer Denean
Path of Beauty Fire Prayer Denean
Amma Drums on Fire James Asher
Raag Trance Canta Biddu
Say Hey All Rebel Rockers Michael Franti
Love Don’t Wait Sound of Sunshine Michael Franti
Hey Hey Hey Sound of Sunshine Michael Franti
Gloria Sound of Sunshine Michael Franti
23rd Psalm Robert Gass Ancient Mother
Living your Truth-Nobility SatKirin Kaur Khalsa Blessings of a Woman
Spirit Rap Spirit Rap Astarius

Open iTunes First! Then you can listen and purchase these songs:

It’s my birthday!

gorgeous daring diva deb And it’s a BIG ONE! On September 26th I turn 52. Now that may not seem like a big deal to you, but ever since I learned about Mayan cosmology and the Mayan calendar twenty years ago, I have been looking forward to my 52nd birthday. Why? Because, according to the most famous of Mayan calendars, the Tzolkin and Haab calendars, time is measured in 52-year cycles. And specific days such as the day on which you were born only occur (or, in this case recur) once every 52 years. Then the whole cycle begins again.

So, turning 52 is like being reborn with the notable bonus of being able to bring along with you all the wisdom and experience you have gathered in your first 52 years.

Don’t you love that?

As I approach this momentous occasion I have been allowing myself time for deep meditation and reflection. My dreams have been more powerful than at any other time of my life, and I’m also discovering a clarity, focus, and confidence that I’ve never felt before.

One of the things I have become clear about is my desire to have a name for the work I do. I wanted a name that could encompass everything from my dance classes to my weekend intensives to my keynote speaking and my nutritional and lifestyle coaching. I’ve been searching for this name for over a year now, and it has finally come to me: Daring Diva. I’m so happy, because I can use it for everything I do. Daring Diva Dance Workout. Daring Diva Weekends. And as a speaker, I can simply be “The Daring Diva.”

The other thing I have become clear about is that, as much as I love using the internet and telephone to deliver webcasts and teleseminars, there are some aspects of what I have to offer that can only be shared and learned through direct transmission. In an age when the focus is on internet marketing and mass communication as a way to create viable businesses, I realize that offering small group intensive learning sessions is not a popular thing to do. But one of the blessings of coming into my power is that I don’t care what is popular. I care what is authentic and powerful and true for me and for the work that I’m here to offer. And what I know is that some of my work HAS to be delivered in small groups over an extended period of time. I’m not quite ready to unveil what I have in mind, but I promise you will be the first to know and I assure you it will be divine and daring

So there you have it! The Daring Diva turns 52…and life is just beginning!

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