If you feel called to guide people AND make money….


Many of you have asked me how to offer workshops in your communities and around the world like I do. I never quite know what to say, because it’s taken me decades to develop my workshop and retreat materials. But now I know exactly what to tell you! 

My friend Danielle LaPorte has transformed her book The Desire Map into a teachable curriculum that can be delivered as live or virtual workshops, destination retreats, or even combined with other events and courses. It’s called The Desire Map Licensing Program.

Guiding people towards their desires
It’s a business-in-a-box for anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for uplifting lives. And I can attest to the fact that it saves you decades of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Find out more about The Desire Map Licensing or enroll HERE.

I love this program so much that I asked my event production guru, Laura Forsyth (founder of One Yoga Collective), to reveal the secrets for making ALL our workshops and retreats profitable.

After you purchase The Desire Map Licensing, Laura and I will send you our exclusive webinar “The 2 Biggest Money Mistakes Workshop Leaders Make… and How To Be A Master At Profitability” plus 5 interactive spreadsheets to give you the power over your profitability.

Bonus offer for Desire Map Licensing program

Get all the details about The Desire Map Licensing or enroll HERE.


p.s. I look forward to hearing how amazing you feel when you are able to guide people toward their desires AND be profitable doing it!

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