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What do do when you feel both bliss AND grief.


Last night I went to bed dreaming of creating a joyful celebratory PranaShakti class and woke up at 5 feeling uneasiness in the pit of my stomach.

After lighting candles and saying prayers I opened my computer to begin preparing for class and discovered the horrors of chemical attacks in Syria.

Immediately back at my altar, praying, I heard “Dance your grief to clear your heart. Then send bliss energy to all who are in pain.”

It seems impossible to feel bliss (deep joy and the ecstasy of being alive) when so many are suffering. But it’s a discipline I’m practicing because I’ve learned that I cannot suffer enough to ease a person’s suffering. In fact, my mind cannot create solutions from a place of suffering.

So we danced bliss AND grief to recalibrate our bodies, minds and emotions in order to then step back into the world to be of service – each in our own way.

I recorded the opening song “Be the Light” by Paul Luftenegger and wanted to share it with you so you can move to the beautiful melody and lyrics to open your heart and move emotions through and out of your body.

May all beings be well,

It's Never Too Late

…to get your bliss back.

How do I know?  I’ve done it!

I’ve hit bottom a couple of times in my life. The last time was after my husband’s company filed bankruptcy. Instead of trusting Divine Order as I always had, I spiraled into panic. Fear began to drive every action and choice I made. Out of fear I chose to accept a high profile job that not only paid well but also required more than full time hours.

The harder I worked, the less I was available for my son and the more depressed my husband got. By 2007 I felt like a walking shell of a woman. Perhaps the worst part of all was that I was touted as the mind/body expert as I traveled to speak to audiences of 1000 women per city and in dozens of magazine articles. I felt like a fraud!!! I was exhausted, overweight, anxious, depressed, lonely, had no libido and was very frightened that I was going to miss out on my son’s entire childhood. I remember a general sense of numbness  – even when I had the rare opportunity to do something enjoyable.

I knew something was missing. I was longing to feel alive and connected. But despite my years of education and training in nursing, fitness, nutrition, and yoga I didn’t know what to do.

I know what it’s like to struggle.
To feel resentful of the very people you want to love…like your husband,  your kids or your best friend.
To numb out with sugar..then go on a clean diet and numb out with work.
To feel anything but sexy.

I know how frustrating it can be to follow advice from books and coaches and workshops only to find yourself stuck. Again.

I have spent years traveling far and wide to study with masters from around the world to reclaim my bliss.  Now it’s my turn to teach you.

I know how to get unstuck and I know it’s never too late…
To create a sacred relationship with your body
To have the energy and desire to enjoy being with your kids
To feel sexy, full of life…like yourself!
To reawaken a deeply satisfying connection with your beloved.

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I won’t lie and say this process requires no effort on your part. It

But it can be done. And you can finally have support, specific guidance and tools from someone who has walked this path before.

Some information can only be learned through experience. That’s why I WAS COMPELLED TO  CREATE an opportunity for women to dive in and learn with me in an in-depth, hands-on retreat setting.

If you’ve been feeling cut off from your true power, cranky and overwhelmed or simply tired of running on fumes, my Bliss Intensive promises to be the powerful antidote you need.

This weekend intensive will provide the guidance, tools, and the container you need to bring back your natural state of bliss.