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Simple, effective recipes for ‘dechlorinating’ lotion and spray

Last weekend I was at a swim meet where the chlorine was so strong that some of the swimmers had allergic-type asthmatic reactions and almost all of them complained of burning skin and cracking lips.

As I spoke to other parents I realized none of them knew how to make dechorinating lotion and spray for their kids, so I shared the recipes I’ve been using for my son – and I decided to share them with you, too, because they’re so simple to make – and so effective.  I love making things to help take care of people!

Here are the recipes for you to try at home.

Dechlorinating Lotion

Recipe (from

  • 1/2 cup almond or olive oil
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup beeswax
  • 2 tablespoons  warm water
  • 2 teaspoons vitamin C powder
  • 2 tablespoons Shea Butter Cocoa Butter
  • Optional: Essential Oils to suit your preference


  1. Combine oils and beeswax in a pint sized or larger glass jar. I have a mason jar that I keep just for making lotions and lotion bars, or you can even reuse a glass jar from pickles, olives or other foods.
  2. In another small jar or bowl, add the vitamin c powder to the warm water and stir until dissolved.

  3. Fill a medium saucepan with a couple inches of water and place the jar with the oils inside the saucepan and turn on medium heat.

  4. As the water heats, the ingredients in the jar will start to melt. Shake or stir occasionally to incorporate. When all ingredients are completely melted, pour into a small blender or food processor. (Keep in the jar if using an immersion blender that will fit in the top of the jar.)

  5. With blender or food processor on, slowly add the water/vitamin C mixture until blended and emulsified.

  6. Store in an air-tight glass jar.

  7. Use before swimming (preferably after rinsing skin) to minimize chlorine exposure. This is purposefully a small batch since no preservatives are used.

  8. Enjoy and be chlorine free!


Homemade Dechlorinating Spray

Recipe (from )


  • 1 cup Filtered Water
  • 5 grams (1 tsp)  Vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid)
  • A spray bottle


  1. Using a funnel, add water to a glass, metal or stable plastic spray bottle.
  2. Add the ascorbic acid.
  3. Put lid on bottle and shake to combine.
  4. After swimming, spray the solution all over, including on hair.
  5. Rub the solution in, making sure to cover all of your skin.  If the Vitamin C doesn’t cover your skin, it won’t protect it.
  6. Shower as usual.

You should notice that your hair and skin smell much better after using this spray than if you only showered using shampoo and soap.

** Please note that you should only make a very small batch of this at a time and preferably store in the refrigerator and use within 24 hours as there is no broad-spectrum preservative in it.

Why I went halfway around the world to heal.

My issues were stuck in my tissues. This is not a normal blog topic, but it’s something I feel called to share with you because I know I’m not the only one who has dealt with this and I’m hoping my story will be helpful.

Last year my marriage ended a few months shy of its 20th anniversary. It was a marriage that I cherished and nourished and tried my best to make work; but ultimately I couldn’t keep it going.

Despite all the tools in my tool belt (prayer, meditation, PranaShakti dance, yoga, journaling, etc) and all the help I received from therapists, body workers, energy workers, spiritual guides and friends I couldn’t seem to let go of the past and pull myself out of grief, depression, fear and anger.

I knew I needed to let go and move on, but it just wasn’t happening.



Then I received bad lab results.  The stress had taken its toll on my organs, glands and immune system.  This news added a new emotion:  shame.  After all, I’d spent 27 years studying and teaching mind/body techniques for healing.  I, of all people, knew that every cell in my body was eavesdropping on my thoughts.   So why was I still swimming in an ocean of unhealthy thoughts?


Unfortunately, knowing that my stressful emotions were the cause of my physical symptoms wasn’t enough to heal me.  So I did what I always do when I can’t find an answer with my intellect:  I prayed for guidance to come in my dreams.  And the very night I said that earnest prayer I received clear guidance to go to India for panchakarma (the Ayurvedic protocol that eliminates toxins and strengthens immunity.)  While it made perfect sense to do panchakarma, I thought there was no way I could take the time to travel all the way to India!   

I felt like one of my clients when they simply can’t see the logic in the guidance I’m offering – only to discover after following the guidance that it was exactly what they needed.  So I ignored all the ‘logical’ reasons why going to India for 3 weeks was not feasible (I’m a single, working mom with a son who’s about to go to college!) and booked the trip anyway.

My whole nervous system instantly relaxed when I arrived at the Ayurvedic hospital high in the mountains of Tamil Nadu, surrounded by tea plantations and eucalyptus trees.  And that was the first step in my healing….relaxing and breathing pure, mountain air.


Next week I’ll share the exact protocols I followed – and how you can do some of them at home.   Stay tuned


It’s not India….but it’s wonderful self-care you can access for free from wherever you live.  My friend and colleague Ashley Burnett interviewed me along with some of my favorite women (including Terri Cole, Rochelle Scheick and Sianna Sherman) for an online event called the “Uninhibited Women Leadership Conference.”   Just click on the image below to register: