The Global Sisterhood Movement

It is time for the Divine Feminine to rise, be honored, celebrated and embraced so we can bring greater peace, compassion, magic, intuition, sacred rhythms and connection into this world.

It is our sacred duty to shift competition, comparison, jealousy and judgment into connection, support and trust through personal accountability and self-love.

~ The Global Sisterhood Movement


The feminine is rising – transforming judgment and division into sacred sisterhood so we can birth a new world!   As you know, I’m devoted to this healing and transformation– because as we heal and transform ourselves, we heal and transform the world.

That’s why I immediately said “YES!” when I was asked to participate in the Global Sisterhood video.

I’m so happy to share this powerful sisterhood and these priceless resources with you.  The organizers have made it so easy (and free) for all women to participate – and to form their own sister circles.

Here’s how:

*  You can sign the pledge

*  You can join our global synchronized meditation live in Austin, Texas or through live stream on your computer on March 8th.

*  You can become a Global Sisterhood Facilitator and facilitate your own Sister Circles using all the wonderful materials provided for free at (they will provide you with a detailed facilitator’s guidebook and much more!!)

We are ALL worthy of love.

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