This helped calm my racing mind immediately.

How do you calm your racing mind?

I dance, walk in nature, step onto my yoga mat to practice, breathe deeply, chant, connect with loved ones and pray.

But I never knew that creating a yantra would also do the trick.

What’s a yantra?  According to my teacher, Ekabhumi Charles Ellik, yantras are mystical diagrams composed of sacred geometry, symbols of cosmic unity. Roughly translated, “yantra” means “tool” or “device.” As a tool, yantras are used to withdraw consciousness from the outer world, and go beyond the normal framework of mind to a state of consciousness known as Turiya, which is the background that underlies and transcends the three common states of consciousness:  waking consciousness, dreaming, and dreamless sleep.

Yantras  are also simply beautiful.

Last weekend I learned how to create the geometric patterns of a yantra the old-fashioned way, using a compass and a straight edge.  The process was mesmerizing and the product captivating.  For some people, the process was super frustrating before it became meditative – which made it a very fruitful practice!

sacred geometry
You don’t have to create a yantra from scratch to reap the mind-calming benefits.  You can color them and then meditate on the design.  My favorite coloring book for yantras  is  Ekabhumi’s “The Shakti Coloring Book” because not only does he provide beautiful images for you to color, he also teaches the deeper wisdom and meanings of all the shapes, symbols and colors.

Yantra Coloring BookYou can learn more about Ekabhumi and purchase his coloring book from his website:

Whether it’s through chanting, praying, dancing, gardening, needlepoint or coloring, my prayer is that you find ways to calm your mind this holiday season.

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Yoga + Old World Cuban Culture

Pinch me!  I’ve been invited to lead a yoga + cultural adventure trip to CUBA on February 6 – 13th.    This is a legal and licensed trip for US citizens, and we will have a very special itinerary and personal guides during our trip.  We will experience old Havana – the food, dancing, culture, beaches and people before it becomes widely open to US tourism (No Starbucks yet!) … and, of course, we’ll be travelling with an amazing like-minded group who are up for an experience of a lifetime!

On top of that, we will also meet the “Godfather of Yoga in Cuba”  ~ Eduardo Pimentel.
Eduardo has humbly dedicated that last 30 years of his life spreading the teachings of yoga.
Our small group will share yoga with his community…. an exchange from the heart.  I can’t wait!


There are only 6 spots left.  Click here to find out more details and join us if you feel called!

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