Unwarp the magic.

As I  was driving up the North Dallas Toll Road on the way to my sister’s last weekend I glimpsed Santa Claus unwrapping a gift on a huge billboard.


The caption read:
Unwrap the MAGIC!

But my mind read:
Unwarp the MAGIC!

It didn’t take any time at all for me to discover my mistake, and  then to laugh at the realization that in a culture that trivializes a day to honor the dead and commercializes the season of Light and Love, we DO need to unwarp the magic!

Don’t get me wrong, I ate my fair share of banana Laffy Taffy’s on Halloween – and enjoyed every riddle. Even though I enjoyed the fun of the kids and the temporary pleasure of those candies, the sugar coma afterward needs to be unwarped!


(Here’s a riddle for you:  What does Christmas have in common with the desert?  Answer at the end of this blog ☺ )

As the holidays approach, I can feel people preparing to go into decorating and shopping mode… losing touch with the true magic of the season.

So… before your life starts spinning at warp-speed, how about joining me for 5 weeks of UNWARPING.  Beginning on Monday, November 7th, I’ll be guiding my ‘Clear the Way’ program to support healthy digestion and detoxification (i.e. bye-bye junk food toxicity!) and help your mind, body and emotions stay more centered and clear amidst all the chaos of the pre-holiday season.  If we start now, by the time Thanksgiving arrives we won’t be driven by unconscious cravings to overeat, and we’ll be able to enjoy the true magic of the entire holiday season.  What a concept!

If you’d like to learn more about the program, click here for more information or to join me.  

Oh….and here’s the answer to that riddle:

Sandy Claws

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