60 min Intuitive Guidance Session

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An Intuitive Guidance Session is the perfect antidote to stagnation in your personal life or business.

  • Get clear about a situation or relationship in your life.
  • Learn practical tools to transform your body, career, relationships or life situation.
  • Be heard and witnessed by a nourishing, wise guide who will shine a light on your blind spots with compassion.
  • Release negative patterns or relationships that have been bothering you for years. And finally move forward.


How an Intuitive Guidance Session Works:

In this session, you bring your current challenges and questions from any area of life (health, relationship, career, spiritual practice)

Then I offer practical, tangible, doable guidance drawing from my 35 years of experience in exercise and nutrition science, nursing, yoga, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, entrepreneurship and raising a family as well as my deep and abiding connection with Spirit.

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**It is important for you to know that your session is 100% confidential and that I deliver the information I receive with utmost respect, caring and honesty.


Book a 90 min Session + Altar Experience

Praise for the Dr. Deb’s Sessions

Danielle-LaPorte-media6-150x150Sessions with you are like soul nectar. The clear guidance, the imagery, the practices… so, so nourishing. I’m beyond grateful to have access to your gifts and wisdom — you’re a divine hotline.

Danielle LaPorte, author The Desire Map

Dr.-Christiane-Northrup-150x150My session with Deb was life-changing. After I was finished, I found that emotional issues that had been plaguing me for years had simply vanished. I now knew what was in my heart. There was something about the purity and clarity of the reading that made me trust my heart more than ever before. Deep peace and joy followed. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who is ready to truly embrace the truth of his or her soul.
Dr. Christiane Northrup, Women’s Health Expert, Visionary Health Pioneer, Wellness Speaker, and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Tali-Edut-150x150Days after my Intuitive Guidance Session with Deb, I am still exhilarated from the insights. When we opened the session, I had no idea where my husband and I were supposed to move next. Now I have a clear and inspiring plan of action. She connected to my “guides” in such a rich and beautiful way, giving me advice that was practical, sensory, and downright psychic. She knew things that awed me, like the fact that my husband had just bought a skateboard and that our relationship evolved very quickly (I learned from the reading all about the contract we had from our past lifetimes). She gave me stellar guidance for my business Astrostyle too, and I’m already implementing one of the ideas. Deb made me feel so nurtured throughout the reading: I felt like I was in the brilliant, and loving presence of an Oracle-goddess.
Tali Edut, Owner and Astrologer

Joan-Heartfield-150x150I just experienced an Intuitive Guidance Session with Deb. The information I received in this reading gave me exactly the answers I needed to move my business forward in the most ease-full and grace-full way. When Deb tuned into my guides and began downloading the information she was receiving from them, I immediately knew she was tuning into substantial information and truth that I needed to hear. As a result of the reading, I feel clear and focused. My energy, which had been in a confused knot of “which way to go,” relaxed, and the very next day a person showed up with skills my business needs to take a giant leap forward. Her impeccable integrity in the way she works, and her easy, fun and genuine manner is refreshing and delightful. She brings profound information, emotional support and spiritual guidance in a way that is immediately useful. I will use her anytime I feel confused and need clarity.
Joan Heartfield, Author of Romancing The Beloved and Director of the Divine Feminine-Awakened Masculine Institute.

Carmen-Marshall-150x150The best session I’ve ever had with anyone in this “genre”. Not only is Deb so amazing, compassionate, gentle insightful and one of the most beautifully genuine, heart-centered women I know, but she has a gift with Intuitive Guidance. She’s connected. She’s a clear conduit. She’s the real deal.

I just had an amazing session yesterday with her yesterday and it’s the strength of the information is still as strong and clear in my body today as it was 24 hours ago. We did our session over the phone and I felt like I was in a beautiful meditation the whole time. Her communication from my guides was spot on – like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. You know when you absolutely KNOW something is real, true and authentic? That’s how I felt – just an utter knowing that this was real – both because of the feeling in my body and the information. It wasn’t luck or Deb just being super intuitive (which she is of course)…it was the direct communication – it couldn’t have been anything else other than that.

During the session and after I felt so calm, centered, grounded “looked after”. For the past 24 hours, I’ve been processing things that we talked about/were shared…and they keep resonating at a deeper level – and I haven’t even gone through my notes or the recording!

For anyone that is considering doing a reading/session with Deb – I highly, highly recommend working with her. I’ve experienced probably 6 sessions with people over the past 10 years in different genres and they’ve all been good, but the session with Deb was on a whole other level – she’s truly gifted. I know she’s going to help so many people with her work…she helped me immensely and it’s only been a day! I couldn’t recommend her enough. Deb didn’t ask me for a testimonial, I just felt SO compelled to write this in case you are like me and are reading this and have ever wondered: “How do you find the people that actually are doing this type of work for REAL?”
Carmen Marshall, Business Mentor & Lifestyle Expert

Diane-Grover-150x150I found the Intuitive Guidance Session highly valuable, both personally and professionally. It validated my intuitive perceptions, and the fact that I do indeed know what is going on in situations, even when invisible to others. As a result, my confidence in what I know and feel has soared.
Diane Grover, Vice President Christiane Northrup Inc.

Perry-Levenson-150x150The experience of having an Intuitive Guidance Session with Deb was like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a chilly night. I felt, safe, comfortable, and at peace. Deb has the ability to remove herself and accurately report what is being shown to her in a way that really resonated with me. My experience of life following the reading has been nothing short of mind-blowing!

Information shared with me validated many things I have been feeling but couldn’t quite put my finger on. Areas in which I had been living my life out of integrity with my higher self and purpose became clearer, and I was able to release several limiting beliefs and old ideas that were no longer serving me. In fact these were the very things that were hindering the growth of my soul and my success in the physical world! Immediately following my reading I was able to stand firmly, and lovingly in my own power. I was able to make more positive change in my life in a week than I had done in the previous 5 years. There is a saying I have heard repeated, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is blind.” My session with Deb helped sharpen my vision. and removed many of the obstacles that had previously stopped me from taking action! I am empowered, in action, and very grateful for Deb’s humor, wisdom, and spirit. I know that in the future, when I come up against an obstacle in myself that feels insurmountable I will consult Deb.
Perry Levenson, M.S., L.Ac., L.M.T. Acupuncturist & Bodyworker

I had a wonderful session with Deb, I felt a lovely connection with her. I feel like I am letting go more and more of stuff and having many aha moments, I think I am closer to being the embodied woman I want to be.
Deep bow to DK.

The session helped me receive clarity around my next action steps. I definitely feel I am being guided. Deb is such a joyous light of love. I felt embraced in warm loving arms.

I felt inspired to take action because of the guidance provided from Deb. It was very helpful to have the situation organized into steps to take. I have already started on her suggestions and I am working towards my goals.

Dr. Deb helped me see the things that I don’t – the way I get excited and how to discern if it’s from my head or from my passion.–this was a particularly important thing for me to learn. And…how to let go of something I don’t want to let go of…and I did it…the next day.

The guidance I received was exactly what I needed and I am simply loving the space I find myself in this week. Dr. Kern is a truly gifted angel teacher

The session with Deb was amazing. It truly helped to give me focus on things that need my immediate attention and understanding of some things that I cannot change. I have followed her suggestions and I already feel different.

I felt very supported and understood during my session. I especially appreciate being given things to do, and actions to take to help me move forward.

This session helped me to awaken to perspectives and possibilities that I didn’t even have in my awareness. The suggestions and supporting resources that Deb provided to me are incredibly helpful. It was the perfect blend of spiritual guidance and practice tools for removing the blocks and opening myself to greater abundance.

I had a wonderful session with Deb. Her insight on the unbalance of my energy was a fresh perspective, one that I look forward to rectifying through her advice.

My session was incredibly helpful and illuminating and that I look forward to making the little and big tweaks to my daily routine and watching what unfolds.

I guess the two things that were most powerful were
1. I didn’t have any questions ready but left our session with what was so important for my best life.

2. That night I saw a major shift which I wasn’t expecting. I figured I had to do the homework. But when I tell you things have changed they have.

My session with Deb was nothing short of amazing. Before my session I was feeling tense and edging. From the moment I opened my email and saw the picture of “my” altar, I felt myself wrapped in a blanket of LOVE. The whole process was perfect and I am still floating from the experience and articulating all the details (I have not had a chance to replay the recording but plan on doing so over the weekend – this is a nice touch). It is really true how all the questions and discussions came full circle as every thing we talked about brought together all the things I have been struggling with in such a healing way. And in a way that I could not have imagined. I truly felt and feel connected to my guides in a way that feels like home. This has given me a renewed sense of calm and knowing that I cannot put into words right now.

I loved my session with Deb. It was life changing and beautiful. I did write an email to her, because just the next day I began to notice so much change. There seemed to have a been a veil in certain situations I was in and after talking to her, it feels like the veil has been lifted. Absolutely beautiful <3
Love & light

The call…to say it was life changing would be an understatement. The most profound thing about it all is that it came at exactly the right time and it seems to have woven a tapestry out of all the work I have done prior to speaking with Deb. My attempts at healing over the last several years often times left me feeling depleted and frustrated because it seemed as soon as I would handle or release or accept one situation or condition in my life I would have only a moment to breath and then along would come another. I knew I was making headway but could never quite connect the dots. I knew, not sure how, but I knew I needed to talk to Deb. One look at my altar she intuited and I knew instantly that our conversation was divinely inspired. Once on the call it did not take more than 3 minutes to know that she knew me…really knew me, and knew before I even knew what I needed to know! Even typing that sentence blows my mind.

My call with Deb has provided the thread that I needed to weave together what I thought were fragmented attempts to heal…its a beautiful tapestry in the making! Although I knew in my heart I was never really alone a part of me could just not grasp that truth. I know now that I am supported, loved and being guided…Deb opened my eyes and my heart to that truth with love and grace.
With gratitude,

My session with Deb was fantastic! Very uplifting, warm and meaningful…her insight and much of her comments were incredibly important to me…I loved our session.

The Session was refreshingly soulful and amazingly right on target. From the very first few minutes of the grounding meditations I knew I was in the precious company of an authentic lightworker.

Feeling thankful for all the inner work Deb has done to overcome her obstacles in order to make her gifts available to others like me. Her guidance is gentle yet very precise and effective. I look forward to continue exploring the practices and resources she recommended.

I’m completely in love with my alter, it’s perfectly me, and has so much of what I need. I’m overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement.

Truly, I feel like a reinvented, rejuvenated, re-inspired woman today, imbued with the power of my desires and open to the guidance of those who can sense more than I. This was definitely the MORE I needed right now and I feel it was divinely timed. I’m still basking in the amazingness of my session, it was so spot on, and so what I needed to hear. It’s really jolted me into some action.

This morning I feel different, more calm, empowered and centred and it feels like a rebirthing today, the day of my birth..not unworthy but centred in love from source in an unconditional way I have not felt before especially on a birthday!
In deep appreciation of your gifts,

A session with Deb is nothing short of miraculous. She is a true healer who can help center any soul who is ready to receive.

Over the years as I’ve explored my relationship with the Divine and to myself, I’ve done sessions with a lot of different healers and intuitives. For me when it comes to transformation, I need to be able to trust these people and feel safe. I’ve never felt so held in a session as with Deb. Also the practices she gave me have been so deeply healing, within just a week I was already seeing and feeling shifts in the relationships we talked about. I keep the image of my altar as my phone backdrop image and I’ve already referred her to a few close friends.
Such a worthwhile investment.
Liz DiAlto

Searing. Soulful. And a little bit Sexy. My Divine Your Life session with Deb was all of these things and so much more. I opened myself up to be guided, and was instead burst open and shown it was time to embrace my femininity, body and all the gifts that were mine to come in the year ahead. I left feeling like the whole world was mine for the taking. Which of course it is.
An hour and a half with Deb could gently alter the whole course of your life. It will leave undoubtedly leave you more whole, present and grace filled.
Julie Parker, CEO & Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Every time I have a session with Dr. Deb Kern, I get greater clarification and confirmation on who I am and how I can best support myself and my future growth. The actionable steps that I am given are always the perfect puzzle pieces to my souls yearning and my hearts desire.
Ashley Abbs

My session was BEautiful. Deborah has a way of holding space that feels so comforting and safe. I definitely need that. I love that she is able to give me “homework” or actionable steps that feel so right. I left the call feeling energized and excited for my next steps.

I’ve had a few sessions with Deb now and, what can I say? They are amazing. It is so empowering to felt heard and held energetically. And you know that her drive in life is to serve your highest good and she does it with humour and kindness.
Love Deb!

Thank you, Deb! I love the altar that you created with my guides. There are some amazing things that I did, or happened in the few days that followed our session.


Book a 90 min Session + Altar Experience


How far in advance can I schedule a session?

Openings available on a first come, first served basis.

Are sessions on the phone?

Intuitive Guidance Sessions are offered over the phone.


What are the session fees?


60 minute Intuitive Guidance (phone or Skype) Session: $197

How to Prepare for Your Session

Please refrain from using any recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours prior to our appointment time. Sessions are interactive so you want to have a clear mind.

For in-person sessions, please wear clothes you could do yoga in.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or reschedule online up to 24 hours prior to the start time of your appointment without charge. All cancellations less than 24 hours prior or missed sessions are considered late cancels and are subject to regular charges. You will be required to purchase a new session. Thank you for respecting our 24 hour cancellation policy.