PranaShakti Embody & Awaken

A systematic online introduction to Dr. Deb Kern’s PranaShakti Method


PranaShakti Embody & Awaken is a stand-alone course that will deepen any movement practice. It’s also a prerequisite for the PranaShakti Teacher Introduction.PranaShakti Embody & Awaken will give you insight into the PranaShakti methodology and tools PranaShakti teachers use when working with students in an individual or group setting.


This Course Includes:

  • Space clearing practices for creating a safe and nurturing practice space

  • Daily morning and evening routines for health, energy, and vitality

  • Energy clearing practices that ground and protect your energy, preserving it for your conscious use

  • An introduction to Ayurveda and its application to the PranaShakti methodology

  • A look into your body-mind type with practices for every type, including yoga, food, dance, and daily routine

  • An introduction to the PranaShakti method, including the 13 principles used by teachers to construct transformative classes.

  • 2 LIVE Zoom Group Meetings with Deb (which will be recorded if you miss them)

  • A 30-minute PranaShakti at home practice so you can have a full experience every day!*



$250 for immediate, unlimited access through Dr. Deb’s online learning platform

Discounted registration is available for current Sacred Shakti Sisterhood Members (CLICK HERE to email Dr Deb’s support team for more information on discounts).