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Keynote Speaking from
Dr Deb Kern

Dr. Deb Kern is a Health Scientist, Women's Wellness Expert & Creator of PranaShakti Dance and has been teaching movement for 35 years.

A Ph.D. Health Scientist, Dr. Deb is certified by the American College on Exercise as a Group Fitness instructor and holds certifications as a Black Belt Nia Instructor, Integral Hatha Yoga Instructor, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Pilates Mat Instructor.


Speaking Topics


Finding Calm Amidst Chaos – Creating a Sustainable Life

We are a society addicted to complexity. Most of us are so used to doing ten things at once that even when we do have a moment to relax our minds continue working at a frenetic pace. How do we create serenity in the midst of chaos? The answer is not in more information. It is in daring to live a balanced life. Interweaving science, psychology and humor, Dr. Kern teaches easy but effective ways to simplify life, de-stress the body and calm the mind. These skills are designed to help participants not only be resilient under pressure, but also to create a life that is balanced and healthy at work and at home.


Breaking the Sugar-Stress Cycle

Type 2 diabetes has risen to epidemic proportions in the United States and other industrialized countries. Recent research has shown that this disease is highly preventable, but the current high-glycemic lifestyle that is prevalent in our culture must shift. The solution sounds simple: cut back on high-glycemic meals and increase exercise. But it is far more complicated than that. Sugar and lack of exercise have created glycemic stress and neurochemical imbalances that must be addressed. In this program, Dr. Kern addresses the issues of Glycemic Stress, Insulin Resistance, Emotionally-driven sugar cravings and ways to break the sugar-stress cycle.


Create the Body Your Soul Desires

The body your soul desires is not defined by magazine covers or clinical norms. It is defined by your ability to joyfully participate in life. The body your soul desires has enough energy to give the gifts your soul wants to give, share the love your heart wants to share, and manifest the dreams your mind can imagine. Based on her book “Create the Body Your Soul Desires: The Friendship Solution to Weight, Energy and Sexuality” Dr. Deborah Kern shares daily practices that women can relate to. Free from guilt and blame, discover the soul-stirring joy of a body that help you live your life to the fullest!


Turn the Tide: Balance and your Body

Fighting fat makes you fatter! The statistics tell the story. We have plenty of information — hype, books, pills, potions, machines, infomercials, even recipes. Meantime, life stresses pull us out of balance: hormones, husbands, kids, parents … pantyhose! What’s a woman to do? Your healthy body is not defined by the scale. It is defined by your ability to joyfully participate in life. Dr. Deborah Kern gives us a female-friendly way to connect and cooperate with our bodies, rather than isolate and control them. Blending science, nutrition, psychology and spirituality, she gives us common sense tools that women can relate to - including invaluable information regarding nutritional supplements. Come discover how to view your body – and your whole being – in a completely new way.


Embodying the Divine Feminine

For Women Only! Every woman has her own exotic way. In Webster’s Dictionary, exotic is defined as: strikingly, excitingly or mysteriously unique. As women reconnect with the unique feminine aspect of their essence they awaken their inherent divine feminine power. This awakening is important not only for the healing of women, but for the healing of the planet. When the divine feminine is no longer revered, competition, judgment and rationality become the fueling factors. The needs for relatedness, feeling, sensuality or attending to nature go unheeded. There is no balance, no harmony, neither within oneself or in the external world. In this session, Dr. Deborah Kern will share “The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women” as a transformative healing tool.


Excerpt from Dr. Deb Kern's keynote address to 1800 store managers for the Ulta Beauty GMC 2018

For more videos of Dr Deb and her speaking engagements please visit her youtube channel here


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