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PranaShakti™ Teacher Training

intention + dance + music + lyrics + healing vibrations + spoken cues + community energy


PranaShakti™is a conscious movement practice that combines elements from many forms of dance, Ayurveda, Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga to remove energy blocks, liberate trapped energy, reconnect mind and body, reawaken creativity, express emotions, pray with the body and ultimately come home to peace, love and freedom. 


 Dr Deb is opening the floodgates to share her 35 years of study, experiment, trial, error and major breakthroughs so you can learn to practice these techniques on your own, incorporate PranaShakti™into your daily lifeand teach to groups classes, friends, clients, sisters, and sisterhoods. 


If you’re a Yoga teacher, coach, healer, healthcare professional, a dancer from any tradition, community activist, therapist, mentor,  group facilitator, thought leader, empath, new mother, empty nester, corporate titan, or spiritual seeker you’ll deeply experience and integrate PranaShakti™ to bust through limiting thoughts and emotions and liberate and transform energy.




Side Benefits

  • Promotes relaxation and stress-reduction in the body

  • Supports weight loss and proper weight maintenance

  • Stimulates pleasure of living in the body

  • Improves circulation and cardiovascular health

  • Develops grace, power and muscle tone

  • Calms the mind

  • Improves focus and concentration

  • Strengthens the nervous system

  • Increases energy, strength, flexibility, mobility and agility

  • Improves posture, balance, and stability

PranaShakti™Teacher Training is healing whether or not you intend to teach. If you are a yoga teacher, coach or healer who teaches classes, workshops or retreats, these tools are invaluable for reading bodies, understanding and liberating energy, and using dance to create specific, intentional and therapeutic physical, energetic and emotional effects. PranaShakti™ Teacher Training 

PranaShakti™Teacher Training starts October 1st at the Ancient Yoga Center in Austin Texas.



There are 3 Steps to becoming a PranaShakti Teacher.


Embody & Awaken

A systematic online introduction to Dr. Deb Kern’s  PranaShakti Method & At Home Practice

Immediate Online Access

Inner Journey & Teaching Introduction

Starts September 28th


Teaching Refinements & Mentorship

Launches Spring 2020


Ready to Take your Practice to the Next Level…and Share Your Energy with Others?