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Welcome to my virtual sanctuary

debKernWelcomeWebsiteI’m interested in creating sacred containers for divine vitality to come forth. The sacred container that is the body moving, that is the connection among women, that is the dialogue with cosmic knowledge.

I understand the anatomy of resurrection — coming back from burn out, from the edges of sanity, from illness, emptiness, and prayers that seem to have gone unanswered, to… wholeness, to being in your body, to being directly plugged into your creativity and Life.

So, I’m here to bridge the cosmic and the practical.

I know how difficult it is to stay the path and remain true to yourself in the day-to-day when
…you feel pressured to say “YES” even though your body is screaming a “NO.”
…you want to take loving care of yourself, but put everyone else’s needs first.
…some relationships in your life deplete your energy.

Many of us are moving through the world seeking a place to rest. The rest comes after clarity. And with support.

The support I offer comes from decades of study, practice and lived experience as a:
…nurse in hospitals and clinics
…women’s health researcher and author
…yoga teacher (since the days of recording my own cassettes)
…fitness instructor and personal trainer (since the days of leg warmers and matching head bands)
…coach to health care entrepreneurs
…spiritual and intuitive guide
…apprentice in Ayurveda and herbal medicine from the mountains of India to the jungles of Bali to the rain forest of Costa Rica


A step to wholeness:

: SCHEDULE a Divine Your Life session. I’ll listen to the whisperings of your soul and create an inviolable container for the you that is coming into form. We’ll design practices that fit your lifestyle which will range from how to nourish and support your physical body to which job/location/partner best serves your highest good to how your soul wants to express itself in relationship, work and creativity.

: GET YOUR BLISS BACK in my upcoming body/mind retreat in Costa Rica.

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With devotion to your deepest joy,
Dr. Deb Kern