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PranaShakti™ dance.

Come home to peace, love and freedom




What is PranaShakti™?


PranaShakti™ is a conscious movement practice that combines elements from many forms of dance, Ayurveda, Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga to remove energy blocks, liberate trapped energy, reconnect mind and body, reawaken creativity, express emotions, pray with the body and ultimately come home to peace, love and freedom. You can expect to sweat, laugh, cry and be set free.

While in yoga teacher training at Satchidananda Ashram in 1994 Deb set aside her 14 year love affair with music and dance to be a ‘serious yogini.’ But after a month she was caught and reprimanded for sneaking into the basement to dance. To her surprise and delight, Swami Satchidananda not only pardoned her for her ‘sin’ but proclaimed a mass dance party after Satsang that week as a way to teach that dance has an important place in the yogic lifestyle.


Class Details


Dates & Times

Women Only Classes

Days: Wednesdays and Fridays (See calendar for details)
Time: 9:00 – 10:15 a.m.
Location: Balance Dance Studio (4544 S. Lamar, Ste. 200, Austin, TX - See Map)


Fee Schedule

1 class = $20
5 class card = $90 ($20/class)
10 class card = $150 ($15/class)
20 class card = $240 ($12/class)





PranaShakti Home Practice
Videos now available!


Three Full-length Dance Classes

  • 3 full length 30 minute dances for gratitude, joy and reverence

  • Each dance is a full body workout and will increase energy, strength, flexibility, mobility and agility

Instructional and Music-only Versions of Each

  • Each dance includes a step-by-step instructional video and separate music only video so you can fully express yourself!

Bonus Video Content 1

  • 10-minute Upper-Body Band Resistance Routine & Yoga Release

Bonus Video Content 2

  • 2-song "retrain your brain" dance inspired by Dr Deb's mentor, Sister Maurus Allen


reawaken creativity. express emotions. pray with the body.