How You Can Use Friday’s Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century to Your Benefit

I’m not an astrologer, but I certainly pay attention to the movement of the planets and their effect on my energy and the energy of others.

This Friday, a Total Lunar Eclipse will take place at 4:20 PM Eastern US Time.

According to one of my favorite astrologers, Anne Ortelee ( “Full Moons are about illumination, inviting us to see what was previously dark. Eclipses, moreover, often mean a shock, revelation of behind-the-scenes secrets. When these tendencies combine in a Full Moon Eclipse, we often find BIG breaking news and the crumbling of illusions.”

According to my other favorite astrologer, Chani Nicholas ( “astrology is a system of observing the movements of the sky and the correlations that occur here on earth. Our lives exist in relationship to everything surrounding it. When there are spectacular astronomical events, we look to see how those significations land in our lives.”

“Eclipses signal times when our shadow or unconscious habits and patterns are exposed. These are times when we are well served to make our burdens, self-doubts, and self-sabotage conscious so that we can be more fully integrated as humans. Eclipses also signal times of important shifts, changes, and movements in our lives. What happens during eclipse season sets the tone for a long time to come.” 

The eclipse on Friday, July 27th is more than just a total lunar eclipse. It’s the longest lunar eclipse this century! In my mind, that means we’re receiving extra ‘heavenly help’ to allow whatever is buried inside of us that is blocking us from our highest expression of life to come out of the darkness and into the light in order to be released.

Here’s a set of movements I’ll be teaching during the retreat I’m leading in Maui on Friday. They’re inspired by my good friend, Dr. Randine Lewis ( and they’re guaranteed to help you work effectively with the energy of this powerful Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse to release what needs to be released.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the movements:

Here’s my “Eclipse Releasing Dance”

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May you release what needs to go in order to receive what’s ready to come…..

Wayne Fick