Rage And Restoration: A Dance And A Guided Meditation

What a year we’ve had this week!

For me and my close-knit dance community, traumatic memories have been triggered and strong emotions have been flowing.

I thought I was doing okay until yesterday when I found myself unconsciously digging in the kitchen trash to retrieve some leftover birthday cake I’d thrown away. Halfway through the ‘retrieval’ I snapped awake and wondered why I was looking for stale chocolate cake that I didn’t even want. That’s when it hit me that I was simply trying to numb the rage and grief I was feeling from old traumas.

Sugar is a convenient numbing agent. But suppressing feelings from old trauma isn’t healthy!

All animals instinctively know how to release trauma from the body: they shake/shiver/tremor and then relax.

For example, once a gazelle reaches safety after being chased by a lion, she shakes all over. 

Shaking turns down the central nervous system’s automated and hyper-aroused fight or flight or freeze response by creating a vibration of contraction and relaxation that releases the built-up energy and tension held in the muscles and connective tissues of the body. 

If you’ve been feeling strong emotions, too, click here to join me in shaking/punching/kicking to release them from your body. 

After You Shake…..Meditate
Once you’ve shaken if off, sit in a comfortable position and follow this Guided Meditation to continue calming your nervous system and instilling feelings of safety and protection.

Wayne Fick